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How does one copy multiple audio files from windows media player to iTunes?

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open iTunes and click on file, you should see, import file. The window will open so you can choose the files where our windows media player playlist is located. i tunes will start to import the music, it will ask you if you want to convert the files from wma to mp3 click yes. Good listening.

2006-07-11 17:43:54
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Can i transfer i tunes music to windows media player?

No you cannot. iTunes music is saved as a MP4-audio file and Windows Media Player can only read MP3-audio files.

Which process can you use to save an audio recording on a recordable CD?

Windows Media Player, iTunes or any CD burning software can do this

Why cant you sync your audio book to your ipod?

There are two ways you can do this the first way is to add your audio book to itunes. The second way is to add your audio book to windows media player and use a program to sync your ipod to your windows media player here is the website for the program. http:/wwwzperiodzmgtekzperiodzcom/dopisp

Is windows media player the only audio player available for windows OS?

No. Windows Media Player is not the only audio/media player for Windows OS. There are other popular media player too. Some of them are VLC, Real Player, QuickPlay, etc.

What is the example for multimedia software?

Multimedia software is a computer program that plays back for example audio or video material, like Windows Media Player or iTunes.

How can you convert a Windows media audio file or real audio file to mp3-wav file format and write it on a CD to play in a home music system?

Download Free software AV Media Player morpher to convert audio from one format to another and burn it into CD as well.Here is a free audio converter ( can help you convert audio to mp3/wav, and then you can use iTunes or windows media player to burn the music to CD to play in your home music system.

Purpose of windows media?

audio and video player developed by Microsoft and distributed with Microsoft windows

What websites are compatible with windows media player?

Windows Media Player is a media player for playing multimedia. It is used for playing audio or video files.

What are opinions on the best PC media system other than Windows Media Center?

AnswerItunes is a good music player found free on AnswerNever use iTunes (unless you have an iPod) because it is slow, incredibly full of bugs, and Apple is extremely monopolistic on what music/videos can be played on iTunes. Another good media player is WinAmp (, yet I would still recommend Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. These programs are polished, fast, and virtually every audio/video format can be played on Windows Media Player (even iTunes formats if you have the correct audio/visual codecs installed). Additionally, Media Player is found on almost every PC, so any media that works on one PC should easily be able to work on another. I personally use Windows Media Player 12 (what comes with Windows 7) and it is amazing! It is blazing fast and it can even handle all files types including Apple's AAC and MPEG - 4 formats without the terrible restrictions Apple imposes on its media. I will never use iTunes again!

How do you put in itunes music on windows movie maker?

iTunes music usually have DRM (Digital Rights Management) encrypted into its files. You would have to remove the DRM before you can import/edit the audio in Windows Movie Maker.Audio files compatible with Windows Movie Maker include:aif, .aifc, .aiff, .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, .wma

Where can I find windows media player files on my computer?

do a search on your computer for *.wma .wma - windows media audio

Whats the use of windows media player?

It plays audio and video files

Are windows media player able to organize large collections of audio files?


Can you download music from iTunes to a Sandisk MP3 player?

You should be able to. but if the music is protected by DRM , you cannot download it your mp3 player directly, You may need to convert the DRM music to plain one. -use iTunes to burn audio CD and then rip audio back

How do you access itunes songs in other programs such as Windows Movie Maker?

In Windows Movie Maker, click on Import. Browse for and locate the audio file you wish to use and click Import.

Where can you legally listen to music for Windows music audio file online for free?

You can go on itunes, you tube and a legal music sharing website!

How do you copy a windows movie maker video to iTunes?

iTunes files are not compatible with Windows Movie Maker...iTunes 9 can currently read, write and convert between MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC and Apple Lossless.iTunes can also play any audio files that QuickTime can play (as well as some video formats), including Protected AAC files from the iTunes Store and audio books.In order to upload your (Published/Finished) Windows Movie Maker video to iTunes, you will need to convert the file to a format (file name extension) compatible with iTunes.Free video converters are available online. Simply Google: free video converters. Choose one, download and install it. Use the converter to convert the Windows Movie Maker video into an iTunes format.

How do I add my music from my playlist on Itunes to Windows Movie Maker?

Because iTunes purchased music and video has DRM copyright protection, you have to remove the DRM at first, before you can convert/edit the audio or import it into Windows Movie Maker.In order to play it on non-apple mp3/mp4 players, you need to remove the DRM and convert the protected music to other audio /video format. The easiest way is to burn an audio CD in iTunes and rip it back as mp3 format.Or you can get DRM Removal Software.

Where can you download the twilight audio books?

You can get the audio books on iTunes or

How do you convert windows media player file into MP3?

Just recently I downloaded the latest windows media player. number 10 I believe. now this is not the easiest way but it certainly has worked for me. just make an audio CD with the windows media audio files. not a data CD. they will change from .WMA to .CDA so they can play in a normal audio CD player. with Windows Media Player 10 ripping tracks off a CD you have the option to save them as MP3 rather than WMA.

How do you use CD player in mac book?

Stick a CD in the drive, if it is an audio CD iTunes will start automatically.

Can you export files from emule onto iTunes?

Yes, you could very well use iTunes and in fact you could use any other music program such as Windows Media Player to rip musics on as long as you have the desired program set for the music. For changing the settings for Windows Media Player go to Tools then click Options and then click the File Type tab and check or uncheck the MP3 Audio File box.

How do download iTunes music to Sony mp3 player?

By default, iTunes Music uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format. You cannot download iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player. To transfer iTunes files or other files to your portable player, you can use a third-party tool like Macsome iTunes Converter. It is able to download iTunes files and Apple Music songs to MP3, so that you can transfer iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player or other devices without limits.

What are some free media players?

There are a variety of free media players available online today. The most common of these players are Apple iTunes, and Windows Media Player, both which are capable of playing both audio and video media.

What types of audio files are used for iTunes?

The default audio formats that can be imported into iTunes are AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, or WAV.