How does one go about disassembling a garbage dis posal to remove an object?

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There is a nut on the blade and takes a 3/4 socket(on the ones I worked upon)to remove the cutter counte-clockwise. Actually- most time I cleared the clog by turning the blade a few inches and the clog was removed by hand.
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How do you remove rust from a garbage disposal?

Answer . There is a new product out by "Mr. Clean" that is in a white bottle with bright pink/purple swirls on it. This is suppose to get rust off anything. I bought som

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I recently filled a giant fish bowl with steaming hot water to clean it. The fish bowl also contained many glass marbles at the bottom. BAD IDEA. When I went to dump the water

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How do you get object out of your garbage disposal?

I usually reach in and get it. If something is jammed you can either use the hex wrench that was with the disposal to turn it from the bottom of the unit or use a wooden broom

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Good luck. On the bottom of the disposal, in the center there is a spot for using a hex wrench to turn the blades by hand. You may be able to turn it backwards while pulling o
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