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How does one know if their hard drive is dead?


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Typically when your hard drive is dead on Microsoft Windows the computer will fail to boot and an error message will pop up on screen stating that the hard drive was not found or is corrupt.

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a virus that destroys the hard drive also know as the (d:) is syphillis

Yes, as long the hard drive is not mechanically dead. Just set it up as a slave drive.

Either do you install an operating system or create a partition. I don't know what do you mean with configuration of a hard drive. Is it a new one?

Defragment of your hard drive on a monthly basis is one way of maintaining the hard drive.

If one wants to replace a laptop hard drive then one needs to know the exact type of hard drive that will fit in the space. One also needs to be careful when taking the laptop apart to know exactly where each part goes. It can be done but it is a fiddly process.

One comes with no hard drive and one has 120GB hard drive.

Converting an IDE Hard Drive to a SATA Hard Drive would depend upon the computer used. When using a Laptop, one has to install a SATA drive to the Motherboard via a pin converter.

Hard drive cloning takes the contents of one hard drive and transfers it to another. The easiest way to do this is by using an imaging utility like Acronis or Clonezilla.

Hard drive data recovery is a service that recovers the data on your hard drive after your hard drive or entire computer crashes. You should always back up your hard drive but if you didn't you can try one of these services.

If a hard drive is clicking then a person should make a decision to try and back up or recover any files on the hard drive. Files on the hard drive can be recovered by using professional hard drive recovery systems.

One stores data on a USB Hard drive no differently than one does with an internal hard drive. Once a drive has been partitioned and formatted, one can save to it, copy and paste, and even install applications on it.

There are various places one can purchase an IDE hard drive for laptops. One can try to find an IDE hard drive at a computer store such as BestBuy or one can purchase one online from sites such as eBay.

In general, there is no reason to have more than one partition on an external hard drive. There are some specific cases where it might be desirable but you would know if you had a requirement like that.

You can not make any physical repairs to the hard drive. If it is the problem then it must be replaced. Do you know for sure the hard drive is bad? Have you tried these troubleshooting steps to make sure the hard drive is bad? Try restoring the file system. I will attempt to repair damage files on the hard drive/ Try another hard drive if you have access to one. Remove the hard drive and then re-insert. Try to restore the system. Go to Safe Mode and select "Restore PS3 System". This will restore the default settings and re-format the hard drive. If you have tried these and that has not help then you will need to replace the hard drive. Hope this helps

DUAL PLATFORM - Yes you can have two operating system in one hard drive.

your hard drive is most likely not formatted. read owners manual on how to format the hard drive. you will lose eerything on the hard drive when you format it.

The hard disk drive platter is used to store magnetic data or information that comes from the hard disk drive, where they are stored. The hard disk drive can contain one or more hard disk platter.

you can play any x box 360 game you want with out a hard drive... however, you cannot play any original x box games without one. i do not have a hard drive and i do have an x box 360, I'm looking for the cheapest one on the web so if anyone has a suggestions were to find the cheapest one let me know

Both letters are for Hard Disk drive because one hard disc is compartmentalized and these are named C drive, D drive & E Drive etc.

Hard Drive configuration is used to define the Slave and master Hard Drive. When we are attaching more than one hard drive the configuration is used. Configuration is done by jumper setting which is available in back side of hard drive...1st two pins for master hard drive and last pins are slave..

A peripheral hard drive is one that is outside the physical computer and connected to it with a cable.

Well there's two hard drives the one that is built in or the one that you buy. The one that you can buy which clips onto the xbox if you know what I mean. But if your on about the built in one then yes you need it.

Yes you can have the Mac OS on one drive and Windows on another drive. Or you can partition a single hard drive and have both on the same drive.

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