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It sounds like you've learned a very important lesson. NEVER loan cash without at least a receipt that says on it what the money is for and that this person owes you that money (a date should be on this receipt as well.) If you are paying cash for anything, get receipts, and when paying out big items pay out in checks so you can stop payment on a check if you decide the work is inferior or you have changed your mind about the loan to that person and the check is the receipt. Lending money will split-up families and friends. Often the person that has loaned the money is in a tight bind and will intend on paying the loan, but can't make the payments. Intead of being mature about the whole thing and if you offered to loan the money they should have said, "I really appreciate your offer, but I don't know when I can pay the money back." Then it's your decision to loan the money or not. Unless you have a date on a piece of paper and a signature of the loaner stating they have loaned this money then I am afraid you can put wings on your money. Marcy

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Q: How does one prove that cash was lent to help pay for rent or mortgage payments?
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