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well you take a picture of the page then you copy and paste it on your email and send it

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Q: How does one send a snapshot of a computer screen page by email?
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How do you get printscreen on a laptop?

There is a button on the keyboard for Print screen called "Prnt Scrn". Open the page that you have to take a snapshot of and press that button then open a Word document or Power point and press Ctrl+V to paste the snapshot there.

What is the page called that displays icons when you turn the computer on?

The page that displays the icons when you turn your computer on is called your home screen. Some people do call it the main screen as well.

How do you use print screen?

To use the print screen application on a computer, go to the page or picture that you want to take a snapshot of. Click on the image, then strike the key on your keyboard that is identified as "Print Screen" or "Prt Scrn". Next, open up a Word document, right click your mouse and select paste. The image you just clicked on will be replicated.

What is vertical scroll bar?

to move the page up and down when the whole page is not fitting in your computer screen

How do you read email from one computer to another?

You log into your email account and read the email. If you have your email on an ISP server you would need to configure outlook on that computer or browse to the ISP web mail page

What are the functions of the scroll bar?

to move the page left or right when your computer screen is to small to fit the whole page

Why can't you open anything within an open page?

This question needs for information - what open page - in a book or on a computer screen?

What are the function of horizontal scroll bar?

to move the page left or right when your computer screen is to small to fit the whole page

How do you take a screen shot on the computer?

Press the PrtScrn button on top rigght of your keyboard, then you can open the page or document where you want to insert it, such as an email or Words Document, then right click, then left click on paste.

How do you fix a twitter page if the screen freezing after 3 seconds?

That's a problem with your computer, not twitter.

How do you make the computer screen full page?

If you look at the top of your keyboard the should be F1-F12 if you click F11 then it will make the screen large :)

When did Page to Screen end?

Page to Screen ended in 2003.

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