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How does pahoehoe form?

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Pahoehoe lava forms by small pieces of lava from an irregular flow. It is typical in certain types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes.

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What is a pahoehoe?

A pahoehoe is a form of lava flow of basaltic rock, usually dark with a smooth or ropey surface.

How are AAA and pahoehoe lava the same?

Pahoehoe and a'a have essentially the same composition. They both cool to form a kind of rock called basalt.

Would a'a form lava tubes or pahoehoe?

Lava tubes are characteristic of pahoehoe, as it can maintain a solid crust. With a'a the crust on the flows is constantly breaking.

What color is Pahoehoe lava?

thr pic ubove is not pahoehoe pahoehoe is grey [PAH hoye hoye]

Do shield volcanoes have pahoehoe lava?

Not always. Shield volcanoes produce basaltic lava, which can form into either pahoehoe or a'a. Sometimes both are found in the same lava flow.

Does pahoehoe make obsidian?

No. Pahoehoe forms basalt.

What is the difference between pahoehoe and lava?

there is no difference between pahoehoe and lava because pahoehoe is a type of lava there is a difference between pahoehoe lava and AA (ahah) lava

Is pahoehoe a type of lava?

Yes. Pahoehoe is a variety of basaltic lava.

What kind of eruption causes pahoehoe?

Pahoehoe is a type of basaltic lava flow. The kind of eruption that causes pahoehoe is a quiet volcanic eruption.

Are basaltic lavas a pahoehoe lava?

Not necessarily. All pahoehoe is basaltic, but not all basaltic lava is pahoehoe. A'a and scoria are also basaltic.

What is the temperature of pahoehoe?

Pahoehoe lavas typically have a temperature of 1100 to 1200 °C.

What is the difference between pahoehoe lava and AA lava?

The difference between Pahoehoe lava and AA lava is that pahoehoe lava is smooth and AA lava is jagged.

What is pahoehoe rock?

Pahoehoe is a texture that is found in highly fluid lava. It occurs due to the deformation of the flow of the lava. A pahoehoe rock is the result of the cooled lava.

Does pahoehoe or AA come out of mt Kilauea?

Kilauea produced boht pahoehoe and a'a. It often starts out as pahoehoe and turns into a'a further downhill as it cools.

What are the two types of volcanic materials?

Basalt, Fumeral, and Pahoehoe Basalt, Fumeral, and Pahoehoe

What is the consistency between Pahoehoe and Aa?

pahoehoe is smooth and blob-like aa is chunky

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