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No. Many shield volcanoes produces pahoehoe.

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What do lava flows made of pahoehoe and AA indicate about the type of volcanic eruption that occurred?

Lava flows of pahoehoe and aa indicate that the eruption was effusive ("quiet") rather than explosive, or only very mildly explosive.

Does Mt Merapi have AA Lava or pahoehoe lava?

Neither. Pahoehoe and a'a only refer to lavas that form basalt when they cool and have essentially the same composition. The material from Mt Merapi has a different, more silica-rich composition that forms a kind of rock called andesite. It tends to produce clouds of ash and pyroclastic flows rather than lava flows.

Is a composite volcano made of Aa lava?

No. If a'a is present it will usually be only a minor portion of the volcano. A'a and pahoehoe are low-viscosity lavas with a low silica content They are usually found in shield volcanoes. A composite volcano is usually primarily composed of composed of tepha (loose ash, pumice, and lapilli), tuff (welded ash), and block lava (very viscous lava flows). This material is usually more viscous with more silica than what goes into a'a and pahoehoe.

What kind of animals are in Hawaii?

Hawaii has 8,800 native species found only in Hawaii.

What type of lava does Mount Klyuchevskoy have?

Aa (ah-ah), I think. The lava is rather liquid, unlike pillow or pahoehoe (pah-hoy-hoy). This may be incorrect, but its the best answer I can give and the only I can find. I hope this answers you query. :D

Why is hawaii the only state that is still growing?

Hawaii is the only state that is still growing because of its active volcano's. When a volcano erupts the lava eventually cools and hardens, which creates new land mass. This makes Hawaii the only state that is still growing.

Is the tiger swallowtail butterfly only be found in the u.s or Hawaii?

It can be found in the garden of the brothel that LUVhistory2010 works at also in hawaii

Does Hawaii only consist of islands?

Yes, Hawaii is only islands.Hawaii consists of hundreds of small islands and islets, eight main islands and the waters that surround them.The islands were created by lava flow from nearby volcanoes. Still creating more islands today.

What states are not found in the the North American continent?

Hawaii is the only state no found on the North American continent.

What happens to the water when Lava touches it?

It depends on how big the body of water is and how much lava touches it. For example, in the Hawaiian islands, on Big Island, the volcano Mauna Kea regulary erupts non-explosively, with rivers of pahoehoe lava flowing into the ocean. Both forces do not win, with the lava cooling rapidly in the chilly ocean water, and water evaporating instantly into steam. If the body of water is small, and there's a lot of lava, then the body of water will probably entirely be evaporated before cooling all the rock. But if the lava is only a little bit and a lot of water, then some water will evaporate but probably all the lava will cool.

Are there manatees in Hawaii?

No, manatees are found on the East Coast only. Their native habitat is Florida.

Can a lava destroy the White House?

Lava is only a conspiracy. There is no such thing as lava.

Are there three types of lava or four?

It depends on what criteria you use. If you go with the kind of flow there are four.Pahoehoe (ropey lava flows)A'a (jagged, more viscous flows)Pillow lava (rounded lumps that form underwater)Block lava (very viscous, very slow moving)The first three are all associated with mafic lava, also called basaltic lava, which refers to a specific composition. Pillow lava is sometimes ignored as are black lava flows, which don't much resemble traditional images of lava.In terms of composition there are also 4 basic types on a spectrum of increasing silica content and viscosityMafic (basaltic)Intermediate (andesitic)Intermediate-felsic (dacitic)Felsic (rhyolitic)These can be further subdivided. Another, rare kind of lava exists called carbonatite. This strange lava is composed of carbobnates rather than silicates as the others are, and is only found in one volcano: Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania.

Where can wild horses be found on horseisle?

Wild horses can be found anywhere on any of the isles except Cloud isle and in towns. Some wild horses can only be found on a specific isle like llamas can only be found on Jungle isle and Zebras can only be found on Lava isle

What does Hawaii do?

Hawaii is only a giant hot spot about 3 miles underground. Since 1981 Hawaii has been erupting non stop with quiet and not explosive lava it has grown hundreds of feet longer then it was. Also if you didn't know all of the Hawaiin islands were made up of lava that came from deep under the ocean and sea floor. When the lava cools down it hardens and becomes a hard rock that is obviasly fertile and can grow plants and grass on it. P.S. this was wrote by a 12 year old.

Are raccoons native to Montana?

Yes, raccoons are found in Montana. They are found in all the contiguous states. Only Alaska and Hawaii do not have raccoons.

Are there any fossils in igneous rocks?

Yes, but only "Mold" type fossils, that is fossils that are an impression of the original object. Examples can be found at Lava Tree natural park in Hawaii. In this case there are trees that are surrounded by lava that burns away the tree within while leaving a hollow impression of the tree. There are multiple examples of fossilized remains found in various ash based Tuffs, specific examples are Pompeii and Herculanium the voids found in the ash flow, multiple fossilized footprints.

Hawaii is the only state to do what?

Hawaii was the only state to have monarchy.

Why does lava turn in to a rock?

Lava is made of the same chemical components that are found in many rock types (mostly silica and various metal oxides), only it is in a superheated, molten form. When the lava cools, the chemical components form the appropriate rock.

Why does a lava cone have a gentle slopes and a wide base?

It will only have this structure if the lava is hot and fluid. This typically only happens at hotspot volcanos, like Hawaii and Yellowstone. If the lava is instead cooler and full of dissolved gas or water the volcano will have steep slopes and a narrow base. This typically happens at subduction zone volcanos, like the Pacific ring of fire. These volcanos are often explosive when they erupt.

Who is the only president from the state Hawaii?

Barack Obama is the only president is Hawaii

How is mining in Hawaii?

I researched this and found that there are no active mines in Hawaii (at least none that are listed with the USGA). This could be because the Hawaiian islands are actually the top's of 5 active volcano's (that rise above the sea floor) and mining an active volcano would be pretty tricky. Also not that smart as the lava (the only thing in the volcano) would be easier to get if you just stood at a vent and caught it with something as it flowed out.

What type of flower is a ahihi flower?

It is a flower from metrosideros tremuloids, a species found only on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii.

Are rain forests found only in Africa and South America?

Negative. Hawaii has some as do most tropical islands.

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