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Patriotism as defined as love for country is not destructive to a nation. But various groups see patriotism as a bad thing because patriots tend think they are better than people from other nations. It could be argued that these patriots would stand on the border telling insults at each other until war broke out to destroy one of them. However, loving one's nation or having pride in one's heritage also forms the cultural glue that holds them together when they need help from one or the other. So a nation of patriots is always better than a nation of anti-patriots.

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Q: How does patriotism destroy a nation?
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A feeling that draws a people together as a nation?

Nation patriotism

Why to join Indian navy as engineer?

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How does patriotism enhances the growth of a nation?

patriotism is love to the country. so people will stand in unity when they understand the purpose to grow in love for country. thus, a country will develop excellently

What is known as loyalty to a nation?

Loyalty to a nation refers to the sense of dedication and allegiance that individuals have towards their country. It involves supporting and defending one's nation, its values, culture, and interests, and can manifest through actions such as obeying laws, respecting national symbols, and participating in civic duties.

How does patriotism effect national development?

Patriotism ensures that the citizens are in support of their country. This does not imply blind obedience, but rather a willingness to defend their country against any injustice.

What are the points of national anthems?

They show pride, allegiance to a nation, and patriotism.

How does patriotism lead to a country's development?

how does patriotisim enhance the growth of a nation

Why is patriotism so important?

Patriotism is important because it fosters a sense of unity, pride, and belonging among the citizens of a country. It can also inspire people to work towards the betterment of their nation and uphold its values and principles. Additionally, patriotism can help to strengthen a nation's resilience in times of adversity or challenges.

How patriotism bring people become a nation?

They don't like the stuff going on

What is the belief that people owe loyalty to a nation?

I think that you probably mean 'Patriotism'.

How does the military helps the nation?

It protects the nation from outside threats. Also it helps bring patriotism to a country and helps with unemployment.

What is the opposite word for patriotism?

The opposite of patriotism is treason. This terms refers to a criminal act committed against a sovereign nation. It usually refers to murder of a high official.