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Q: How does picking trash off the ground help?
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How must a police officer obtain evidence?

by picking it up off the ground

What was charlottes power in h20?

I know it has to do with all the four elments: shaping water, making fire, freezing things, making winds and picking people off the ground. the picking people off the ground part is controling water.

How do you get the trash can on the see saw on wimpy island?

It's actually really easy. All you do is push the trash can onto the part of the see saw that is touching the ground. After the trash can is on one end of the see saw, you jump on the other end of the see saw. The trash can will go flying, and you can use the trash can a stool to jump off of to get into the school secret entrance.

How does trash get dumped?

trash is disposed off by the following points..... separate bins is divided into groups like recyclable bin,plastic bin,glass bin etc is recyclable these are only used in western countries.

Is a trash compacter worth the money?

Trash compactors are pretty expensive, they are not purchased to make a profit off of just for households that produce a lot of trash to help it fit in one trash can, so if the garbage pick up company in your area charges extra per extra cans and your household produces a lot of trash then it might be worth it.

What are the solutions of land pollution?

Well one obvious solution would be recycling...Not only does it keep our trash off of our land and out of our soil but it reuses our waste and conserves energy...Using biodegradable products also helps...Not littering and picking up trash one sees on the ground can help and reusing things yourself. You don't necesarilly have to take your recycled trash to a recyclling place but you can reuse glass bottles at home for foods, storage, decoration,etc. also with plastic bottles, old ice cube trays, old bedframes, etc... And desposing of harmful chemicals the proper way is also another way to prevent land pollution...there are more of course so just google itRECYCLE!!!

Where are the tickets for the tour on Counterfeit Island?

They are in the trash can by the tour guide.The trash can with the lid off

What can be done to help dolphins survive?

Clean the trash off beaches and persuade people not to litter into the water by handing out fliers or putting up posters.

What are the ratings and certificates for Picking Up and Dropping Off - 2003 TV?

Picking Up and Dropping Off - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

How can you prevent or clean up pollution?

You can help clean up pollution by picking up trash off the ground and throwing it away or recycling it. This is especially important in areas that still have a lot of nature, such as beaches or forests or the ocean. You can prevent some measure of pollution by reducing how many disposable products you use and decreasing your carbon footprint. You can do this by using a fuel-efficient or electric car, by using an efficient HV/AC unit in your household, by carpooling, or by walking or cycling instead of using a car every day.

How do you convince my parents to let me move out at seventeen?

tell them that you will bring the trash (ones you are planning to move in with) home. First off they are not trash so why dont u shut ur mouth and not answer my ? if u dont have anything good to say that will help me out!!!!!

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