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I think that Pip feels great about himself as a gentleman because he is proud of himself for what he has been able to do with Estella, Mr. Joe, Herbert, and the convict.

I hope that this helped a lot of y'all that are reading the book and good luck to all and to all a good night.

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When Pip no longer has money, he struggles with his identity as a gentleman because he equates being a gentleman with wealth and status. He feels ashamed and inadequate, realizing that his sense of gentlemanliness was largely tied to his material possessions. This experience challenges him to grow and find true worth beyond his financial circumstances.

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Q: How does pip feel about himself as a gentleman when he no longer has money?
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What prompts pip's actions and how does he feel about himself later?

Pip's actions are prompted by a desire to better himself and rise above his humble origins. He becomes dissatisfied with his station in life and longs to become a gentleman. Later, Pip is filled with regret and self-loathing when he realizes the consequences of his actions and the harm he has caused to those who cared for him.

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The convict Magwitch was Pip's true benefactor. He never forgot the kindness that young Pip showed him when he was hiding in the cemetery, and so, when he eventually began to work and gain wealth, he sent it back to Pip to help him. Magwitch eventually appears at Pip's doorstep and reveals himself as the mysterious benefactor of Pip's wealth. This, however, causes Pip to feel guilty, as he has lived off the money of a criminal--in the end, he loses everything he thought made him a gentleman (his wealth,) but becomes a gentleman through the quality of his character.

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