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Pip initially views his benefactor as a mysterious and generous figure who has granted him a chance for a better life. However, as the story progresses, Pip begins to question the motives and intentions of his benefactor, leading to a realization that there is more to the relationship than initially meets the eye.

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Q: How does pip treat his benefactor?
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Who did the townspeople believe was Pip's benefactor?

The townspeople believed that Miss Havisham was Pip's secret benefactor.

Is magwitch a benefector of pip in great expectation?

Yes, Magwitch is a benefactor to Pip in "Great Expectations." He is the mysterious benefactor who funds Pip's transformation from a blacksmith apprentice to a gentleman, although Pip initially believes it is Miss Havisham. Magwitch's generosity towards Pip is motivated by his gratitude for Pip's kindness towards him when he was a fugitive.

Who is Pip's benefactor in Great Expectations?

Pip's benefactor in "Great Expectations" is revealed to be Abel Magwitch, the convict whom Pip helped as a young boy. Magwitch accumulated his wealth in Australia and wanted to use it to repay Pip's kindness toward him.

Where had Pip's benefactor been living?

Pip's benefactor had been living abroad in the country of Egypt.

What is the name of the benefactor of pip in the novel Great Expectations of Charles Dickens?

The benefactor of Pip in "Great Expectations" is revealed to be Abel Magwitch, an escaped convict whom Pip had helped in the past.

In the book of great expectations who did the towns people believe was pip's benefactor?

The townspeople believed that Miss Havisham was Pip's mysterious benefactor because of her connection to Pip through Estella, who was raised by Miss Havisham.

How old was Pip when he learned the identity of his benefactor?


Who had been Pip's benefactor throughout the years?

the convict

How much money will Pip receive each year until he meets his benefactor?

Pip receives an annual allowance of £500 until he meets his benefactor, who will then provide for him financially.

When Pip's benefactor appeared where was Herbert?

he was taking a trip to france

Who informs Pip that he has a benefactor and will be educated to become a gentleman?

Pip is informed by the lawyer Mr. Jaggers that he has a mysterious benefactor who will fund his education and upbringing to become a gentleman.

Who did Pip think his benefactor was?

Pip initially believed his benefactor to be the wealthy and eccentric Miss Havisham, due to her connection to his childhood crush Estella. He later discovered that his true benefactor was Abel Magwitch, the convict he helped as a child.