How does plakia fly?

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If palkia is a dragon type then dragons can fly so he can fly!

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Q: How does plakia fly?
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CAn some1 pleaae Trade me a cyndiquil for a plakia?


What is at the top of joyous tower?

eather plakia or giratina

Where is Cyrus after you catch Dialga and plakia?

hes no where but you can see Saturn in the galactic hideout

Who is more stronger plakia or Dialga?

personally, i think dialga is stronger than palkia.

Can you catch Dialga in white?

yes u can get him you need some idem and you can also get plakia and grintia

What is the average cost for a one night stay at a Plakia Hotel in Greece?

There are many Plakia Hotels in Greece, so an average price for all of them would be near impossible to figure. For Hotel Plakias Bay, the starting cost for one night is 68 Euro, or $88.90.

If you used thunder punch with a level 66 electrevire and it hit a level 47 palkia would the plakia die?

no it wouldent

Were do you take arceus to unlock plakia diagla and girtina in Pokemon soulsilver?

there is a house where alpha ruin are, make sure acrecus is in first and go into that house

Did Arceus create other beings other than dialga plakia mesprit azelf and uxie?

NO.(Arceus is a CHUMP). :) Arceus also created Arcuri, Giratina, and Mew.

Hey how could you obtain Jirachi in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl or Platinum?

You need to have Dialga, Garitina and Plakia in your party and then just go to route 201 and you will see a level 50 jirachi

How do you get to the 8 gym in Pokemon Pearl?

first you have to catch plakia or dialga. You run all the way back to twinleaf city. once your there you go to the poke mart and talk to the guy. you buy 20 potions and everything he has.

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