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How does polio effect your body?

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It kills your bum bum cells

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Polio immunization had little effect on the number of cases of polio?


What is the causes of polio?

when you have polio your body has caught virals

How does the human body fight off the polio virus?

How does a person's body fight off polio

Who did polio mostly effect?


What human body system is affected by polio?

Polio affects the nervous system.

What does polio do?

Polio paralyzes a part of your body, and if it isnot taken care of soon enough it can spread through your whole body. ):

How does polio effect the economy in India?

polio does not directly effect Indian economy.but personal economy will be effected. person with polio can still do all the indoor jobs,still standing on their own. but if the no of polio patients increases then it may start effecting little as india is a major country for human resource.

What does polio do to your body?

After you have Poliomyelitis (Polio), you may end up with a long term effect. Paralize can happen and something called post polio syndrome. To learn more go to to find out more. Im in college and graduating next so this is a right answer, not just something a hobo wrote. :)

Can the polio vaccine cure polio?

No. It is not a cure or a medicine to treat polio but a vaccine that gets the body ready by producing antibodies against the virus so that when you are exposed to it your body will be ready and it kill the ones that enter the body. Vaccines are like having full body armor that an enemy can not get through.

Where is polio located in the body?

in the legs in the spine

What part of the body affected of polio?


How does the polio vaccine effect us today?

There are still cases of polio out there today, so we have the vaccinations if someday we were to have another breakout of the epidemic!

Where does the virus polio reside in the human body?


Were is polio localed in th body?

Spinal Column

What body part does bulbar polio attack?

your legs

What would happen if polio got into your body after you had been vaccinated?

If the vaccination had taken effect, you'd never know because your immune system would fight it off.

What organ or system in the human body does polio affect?


How does polio affect the human body?

it affects the nervous system

What body systems does polio affected?

It affects the nervous system.

What protects body from poliomyelitis?

Most people get the polio vaccine.

What was used to prevent polio?

Polio is a virus. if you have that virus there is no stopping it unless removing it from the body. Polio could be prevented on the other hand by getting a vaccine thus making it not a hazard for not many people to have it(:

Polio immunization had little effect on the number of cases of polio-?

Polo was diagnosed in 1789, the immunization is preventive treatment. Once diagnosed with polo the immunization does not help.

What law states that selling your body for sexual favor is illegal?


What is the name given to the polio vaccine?

Poliomyelitis Vaccine. I don't think they're are any other names to it than that and the "Polio Vaccine" It can be done by OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) or through inoculation (Dead Polio Virus is injected into your body). This immunization is known to have side effects.

How did polio vaccine help people?

It stopped people from getting polio a disease that can leave people with permanently crippled limbs and other aftereffects that even effect the health of their children.