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Reading boosts you writing skills because when you look at the words in the book, magazine, or whatever. I basically gets "printed" in your mind so you know how to write. Books and that stuff are also supposed to have correct grammar, so it also gets "printed" in your brain. _____ Reading helps you see and get used to the relative formality of most writing.

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You'll have an easier time picking out the important parts of a reading assignment.

Here's why you should improve your reading:
  • Everything you learn makes you smarter!
  • Reading allows you to find and learn information about any subject you need to know
  • Reading allows you to entertain yourself
  • Reading allows you to enlarge your vocabulary
  • Reading allows you to learn how to communicate and write effectively
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When you constantly see good writing and read it, you learn how it works and what it should look like. That means you learn how to write better by reading good literature.

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Q: How does reading boost your writing skills?
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Reading & Writing skills are skills you most likely use in every day life. Reading skills are for reading objects such as books, newspapers, signs etc. Writing skills are for writing the books, newspapers, signs etc. Most Reading & Writing skills are aimed at young children who have not yet learnt these skills. If your child or a child you know has problems reading or writing, see the link below for reading & writing help including worksheets & information: : Paste into browser.

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Does reading have a meaning?

Yes, it increases you spelling and writing skills.

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The five skills are: Reading writing speaking listening Culture

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What are the four macro language skills?

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How do you study for the FCAT?

For writing, you practise vocab and you learn how to explain or pursuade the reader. For reading you read many books to boost up your reading skills and practise the main idea of the stories. Math, you work on many problems and practise your skills. Here are a few sites that can help: Hope I helped and good luck!!!!!!