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give it lots of love and then level it up.

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Q: How does riolu evolve in Pokemon Platinum?
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If you trade riolu from Pokemon platinum does it evolve?


How do you evolve riolu in Pokemon platinum?

riolu evolves by friendship so when it likes you enough it will evolve into lucario

How do you evolve riolu into Lucario in Pokemon platinum?

Level up Riolu's friendship in the day to evolve it into Lucario.

In Pokemon platinum how do you evolve riolu and Pichu?

Riolu evolve's normally and pichu evolves through happie'ness

When dous riolu evolve in Pokemon platinum?

you have to give it max happiness

When does riolu in Pokemon platinum version evolve?

There is no set level for Riolu to evolve. Instead, it evolves with happyness. Heck, I've got a Riolu on level 59, but it hates me.

What does the egg riely gives you hatch into in Pokemon platinum?

A Riolu, which can evolve into a Lucario.

What level does Riolu evolve into Lucario in Pokemon Platinum?

(well first let me tell you this don,t trade Riolu because if you get him back or not he or she will not evolve)but anyway Riolu evolve at Lv.16 or 24

When does riolu evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Riolu evolves when its Happiness reaches a value of 220 and leveling it up at least once during the Day.

How to you evolve a rioulu on Pokemon platinum?

Riolu is evolved when levels up with high happiness during daytime.

When does Riolu evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

Riolu evolves when it is at maximum happiness and then when it's at maximum happiness you have to level it up in the day time 1 level.

How do you get riolu to evolve in Pokemon explorers of sky?

To get Riolu to evolve you must have a sun ribbon

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