How does sakura kill?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Tsunade thaught her to channel chakra to her fists, then release all of it at once when she puches things to make it seem like she gained in-human strength. Other than that, she uses Poison and a kuni.

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Q: How does sakura kill?
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What episode number does Saskue kill Sakura?

Sakura is not dead.

Why did susake kill sakura?

Sasuke didn't kill Sakura. He almost did but Naruto saved her. And he tried to kill her because she tried to kill him first, but she hesitated.

Does sakura kill saskue?


Will sakura kill karin?

I doubt it.

Did sakura kill Sasuke?

No lol where did you get that from?

What happens between Sakura and Sasuke in Shippuden?

I don't read the manga, so I don't really know. But... Sasuke tries to kill Sakura so I can tell Sasuke doesn't have feelings for her. How? He tries to kill her when she asks Sasuke if she could join him, but really it was a trick so Sakura could kill him.(?) Before that, Karin was hurt and was on the ground. Sasuke told Sakura, "If you really want to join me that bad, kill her." But before Sakura could kill Karin Sasuke had his Chidori Jutsu going and was going to kill Sakura but Karin warned Sakura and yeah.. Nothing really happens between them.

Who is better Sakura or Misty?

Misty, because Sakura just sucks. At life. Sakura, Sakura can kill misty Neither. They both suck leaky butthole.

What episode does the fake Naruto tring to kill sakra?

There isn't an episode where a fake Naruto tries to kill Sakura. Sasuke does try to kill Sakura but only because she tries to kill him first.

Did Sasuke attempted to kill sakura?

Did Sasuke attempt to kill Sakura?Well,no,but on the episode,"Invitation from the Sound",Sasuke hits(or slaps) Sakura outcold and lays her on a bench. Though,he was not actually seen putting Sakura on the bench.Also,later in Shippuden,Sasuke becomes more violent and Sakura even attempts to kill Sasuke just to bring him back to the village,but Sasuke is much stronger than Sakura so no one knows.I believe so. When Team 7 found Sasuke with Oro Sasuke was about to kill Sakura because once again she was in the way an if not for Yamato to stop him he probably would have succeeded.Well right now in ch 483 sasuke and sakura meet again.Sakura tells sasuke she wants to be with him but he says she has to kill karin to be with him.She cant decide if she wants to kill karin or him.All of a sudden he tries to kill sakura but kakashi comes in and blocks the hit.So yes sasuke did try to kill sakura again and he did not show affection to her at all.

Will Sasuke ever kill sakura?


When Naruto killed sakura?

Naruto would never kill Sakura because he loves her to much to that to her

κάνει Sasuke really go to kill sakura?

Yes, Sasuke really tries to kill Sakura. Just before he does, however, Naruto saves her.