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How does salt affect water?

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the salt affects the water by giving energy.

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among other effects,

It changes the taste of it,

It lowers the freezing point,

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How does salt affect the freezing time of water?

it does affect the time for water to freeze because the chemicals in the salt affect the water that is in the salt.

Does water mixed with salt affect the taste?

Water mixed with salt does not affect the taste,bt it also depend on the amount of water mixed with the salt and the quantity of salt mixed with the water

Does the amount of salt in water affect how things float?

does the amount of salt in water affect how things float

How does salt affect the boiling point of salt water?

Salt elevates the boiling point of water.

What are the factors that may affect the rate at which the salt dissolves in water?

The factors that may affect the rate at which salt dissolves in water are heat, the amount of water and the amount and type of salt you are using.

What affect does salt have on boilin water?

Adding salt to water the boiling point increase.

How can salt affect the boiling time of water?

The boiling point is greater for the salt water.

What affect does salt have on water?

Makes the water salty

How does mixing affect the ingredients of salt water?

Salt water is a homogeneous solution of sodium chloride in water.

How does dissolving salt in water affect the mass of salt and water?

The mass of the salt and water are uneffected. If you started with 5g of both water and salt, you'll end with 5g of both.

Does salt affect how fast water boils?

Salt makes water boil at a higher temperature

How does precipitation affect salinity?

it adds more water to the salt water so there is not enough salt

The results for affect of salt on boiling water?

Salt will make the water boiling point higher.

Does salt affect buoyancy?

yes, salt water is less dense than fresh water.

What factors affect the rate of dissolving salt in water?

heat the amount of salt the amount of water

Does salt affect the temperature of boiling water?

Yes. Salt increases the boiling point of water.

Does salt water affect how an object floats?

Salt water is more dense than tap water, so objects float more in salt water.

How does salt water affect a fish?

It doesn't.

What can affect an object floating?

Salt in the water

How does Salt affect water cohesion?

No se

How does the salt affect the temperature of the water?


How will salt water affect the egg?


How does the density of salt water affect oil spills?

salt water makes oil spills get larger

How does salt water intrusion affect power lines during Hurricane Sandy?

Salt water is corrosive.

Does temperature affect the speed of salt water dissolving?

Salt dissolves faster in hot water than in cold water.