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How does solar energy get its power?


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Solar energy is powered by light emitted by the sun. The sun gets it's energy from nuclear fusion at it' score.


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the difference between solar energy and solar power is that solar energy is energy and solar power is power!

solar energy or solar power

Solar power is a great renewable energy resource. Solar power helps by reducing the demand of the non-renewable energy to prevent depletion of such energy resources. Solar power also helps the environment by reducing the amount emissions from buildings. Tioga Energy uses solar power energy to help power many different facilities. Check out the website to learn more about solar power

Solar power supplies are used for creating an energy source with solar energy. Solar power uses sunlight, and the heat generated to power various equipment.

solar power is formed by generating solar energy from the sun

Solar energy comes from the sun.

solar power is energy converted from the sun

No, Wind power is just a renewable energy. Solar energy only covers energy from the sun.

Solar is a type of energy =solar energy it can be transformed into electricity

The solar power can power your house. Solar power energy can be used to power many things, it just depends on how many solar panels you have. Tioga Energy specializes in solar power. They install and facilitate the solar panels but the customer agrees to buy power from the power generated from the solar

One renewable source of energy is solar energy. You can get solar energy from using solar panels. The Renewable Sources of Energy are: Solar Power Hydro Electricity Wind Power Biomass Geothermal

solar (photovoltaic) power plant > radiant energy from the sun > converted to electrical energy

Solar energy is also known as solar power, or radiant energy emitted by the sun. Solar energy is a renewable resource.

You can use solar energy to power your house. You will need to get solar panels to convert solar energy to usable energy.

Sun is the source of solar energy. Heat is present in solar energy.

at night there is no solar energy

The suns power is called Solar Energy. So to get the suns energy we use solar panels.

Solar radiation Solar power

All renewable energy sources are indirect forms of solar energy except geothermal (heat from the earth's centre).Indirect Forms of Solar EnergySolar powerHydro powerTidal powerWave powerWind powerBiofuelBiogas and biodieselBiomass (vegetation).

Solar energy is indeed a useable source of power. There are many companies and businesses that use solar energy as an alternative power source to other energy sources such as oil or fuel.

The term is used to describe either but there is a difference in solar Electricity and solar energy.Solar Energy is a very broad term which can describe Solar electric (PV), Solar Thermal, Solar Heating etc., just about any form of power that can derived from the sun.Solar Power or Solar Electric is generally related to solar photovoltaics, specifically which is taking photons from the sunlight and turning it directly into electrical current.AnswerThe correct term is solar energy panel, despite the term 'solar power panel' being widely used. This is because solar photovoltaic panels supply energy. The rate at which they supply energy is a measure of their power.

Solar power is generated by an unlimited source of energy called the sun.

we can use solar energy as as solar power gizers for bathing as by using solar power cooker for cooking as by using solar power in place of electrical devices

It is. For example, the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility utilizes solar power to heat water. Since solar energy is considered renewable, thermal energy will be renewable as well.

solar power/ solar energy photosynthesis is the process of turning solar energy into energy for respiration within plants

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