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Someone can go about giving a donation to a auto donation charity by contacting the charity through email, telephone, or visiting their office in person.

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Q: How does someone go about giving to an auto donation charity?
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What happens when someone makes an auto donation to charity?

There are many things that can happen when someone makes an auto donation to charity. Many families that do not have a car could become equipped with one. There is also a program called Cars for a Cure and the auto donation will help cure cancer.

How do I go about making an auto donation to a charity?

First you have to find a charity in your area. After you have done that set up an appointment to have your auto donation picked up.

What is the maximum tax deduction for an auto donation to charity?

The maximum tax deduction for an auto donation to any charity is the full value of the vehicle donated. You can not write off more than the vehicle's full value.

Where can one learn more about auto donation programs?

You can learn and gain more information about auto detonation programs by car dealerships, scrap yards and various charities that accept this kind of donation. Diabetes charity organization is a great auto donation charity and has a helpline that you can call to receive information about their programs.

How do I make an auto donation to a charity?

Find a reputable charity that you support and visit their website so see if they accept car donations directly. Once you find one that does, you can either drive the car to the charity's donation center, or often they have someone who can come pick up the car from your home. After the donation, you will receive a receipt and you can write off the value of the car on your taxes.

How do I make an auto donation to charity?

Start by checking with your local neighborhood charities. If they do not take cars, then you can call 1-800 CHARITY CARS and they will walk you through the process. Normally, they will send someone to pick up the vehicle.

Can I deduct my auto donation to charity on my taxes?

Yes, the IRS allows you to deduct your vehicle donation from your taxes. Visit for any forms you may need.

How do I find a charity to offer an auto donation to?

There are many charities that accept auto donations. Some of the more recognizable include United Way of America, Goodwill Industries, VFW Foundation, and Salvation Army.

How do I make an car auto donation to charity?

The are many retiable place that accept cars for donation. I live in Philadelphia and one of the biggest ones here is Purple Heart. They are very repitable and they will come to you hame and even tow the care away.

Where can one give a car up for auto donation?

There are many associations where one can give a car up for auto donation. Some of them are diabetes, phoenixchildrens, onecarhelpshumane, cancer and wbur.

Will Goodwill accept my car donation, and are there any sites that will explain the car donation process to me?

Most charities will accept the donation of your vehicle. The vehicle is transfered to an auto auction company, which will sell the car at auction, then notify the charity of how much the car brought in. Funds will be transfered to the charity, minus the auctioneer's fee. You will then be notified in writing within 30 days of the amount for which the car sold. This is the amount you are allowed in terms of a tax deduction. The information is available online at a number of sites:

Where can one find information on how to donate an auto to a charity?

One can call the charity of interest and gather the required information on transportation, gross proceeds and title transfer in order to donate an auto to a charity.

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