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How does subsurface coal mining affect the Environment?

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October 31, 2008 5:45PM

== == In addition to the tailings problem the storage of waste rock, separated from the coal are storded on the surface. The problems are as described for "taillings" The mines themselves often have infiltration problems (water comes into the mines). This water must be removed and discharged on the surface. Unless properly treated it can contain heavy metals, particulates and exhibit a low pH.

Answer: The remnants of mining or tailings are ta high priority threat to the environment. These tailings are full of zinc, arsenic, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals. These metals exposed to the elements can spreading out either as dust or through leachate to water ways or infiltration to the aquifer. These compounds can poison the ground killing plants or making the plants themselves noxious. The streams or lakes around a mining site may become heavily infused with metals as well. This causes fish to become contaminated and can cause serious damage to both the fish or the consumer of the fish primarily the elderly or the very young. The dust from the massive mounts of tailings is flung far and wide leading to birth defects in nearby communities and many other health issues. Ruins habitat is right

Answer: Yes, it ruins habitats