How does sulfur dioxide affect the atmosphere?

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sulfur dioxide is fairy reactive in air, it reacts with water in the air to form sulfurous acid, which is acid rain, SO2(g) + H2O(l) H2SO3(aq). Acid rain pretty much kills plants.
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What does sulfur dioxide do to the atmosphere?

Sulfur Dioxide is a poisonous gas,When the fumes of sulfur dioxideare released in the atmosphere it combines with the normal rain toform Sulfuric acid(acid rain).When this aci

What are the methods that can be used to remove sulfur dioxide gas from the atmosphere?

About the only way sulfur dioxide gas can be removed from the atmosphere is by washing it out with water. But water and sulfur dioxide create sulfuric acid, and you'll have ac

How does sulfur dioxide affect animals?

this affect planets and animails by the air pollution. Coming from the air pollution is carbon dioxide with kill animals by the old oxgyen laying on there food, which then the

How does carbon dioxide affect the earth's atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, adds to the greenhouse gases in t

How photosynthesis affects the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

One of the key elements in photosynthesis, is carbon dioxide . As we need food, so do plants. Plants do this by taking neutriance water, the suns energy and carbon dioxide to

How are carbon dioxide levels affecting the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is one of the gases which keep the atmosphere (and the world) warm through the greenhouse effect. Since the Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide levels

How does sulfur dioxide affect air pollution?

Sulfur dioxide is a gas. It is invisible and has a nasty, sharp smell. It reacts easily with other substances to form harmful compounds, such as sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid

What type of disease does sulfur dioxide affect the most?

Long-term exposure to persistent levels of sulfur dioxide can cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and respiratory illness. It can also aggravate existing heart disease. Prol