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well,, you can start by turning the switch on your dash that says '4wd'

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Will 17 wheels from 2001 F-150 FX4 fit a 93 explorer?

Those wheels wont fit. The bolt patterns are different. see below... 2001 Ford F150 Lariat 4wd ===> Bolt Pattern: 5-135 1993 Ford Explorer 4wd ===> Bolt Pattern: 5-114

Can you switch an ford explorer in 4wd manually and how?

Owner's manual.

Cars starting with the letters ex?


Why won't the 4WD and sunroof on 02 Ford Explorer work after new battery?

Because you reversed the polarity and destroyed the GEM?

How many miles per gallon does a 2001 ford explorer xlt 4wd get?

13 city / 18 highway ( according to - U.S. gallon )

Will a lift kit for a 1996 ford explorer 4wd fit on an AWD?

Yes, transfer case is the only difference between the two. it will work

Where can you find a parts diagram for the 1992 ford explorer xlt 4wd 5.0L engine?

There wasnt a 5.0L explorer in 1992

What is the little cup holder in the 2013 ford explorer for?

It is for the 4WD control knob. In models without 4WD it is just an extra place to put something.

How many miles per gallon does a 1996 ford explorer XLT 4wd get?

Check out

1995 Ford Explorer 4wd light flashing?

A malfunction has been detected , could be a sensor

Does your 1997 explorer have abs?

I got a 1997 explorer sport with control trac 4wd. its suppose to but it doesnt work.

Where is the starter located on a 1994 Ford Explorer 4WD?

it is on the lower side of the motor on the passenger side of your vehicle

Why does the 4wd low light flash in your 1997 ford explorer?

A malfunction has been detected , could be a sensor

Where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.0 lt for a 96 ford exlporer xlt 4wd 4dr?

where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.o lt for a96 ford explorer xlt 4wd 4dr

Is it safe to put 33 inch tires without a lift on a 4WD 1993 ford explorer?

I would say NO !

1992 Ford Explorer 4wd Electronic shift not engaging?

I have the same problem in my 94. Let me know what you find out.

What is the towing capacity of a 2000 Ford Explorer 4WD 4.0 V6 engine?

class 2 or 2500 lbs

How do you engage the 4wd on the ford explorer xlt?

with a Large HAMMERRRthanks for the sugested solution but I TRY THAT ALREADY AND IS NOT WORKING

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 2002 Ford Explorer xlt 4wd?

A malfunction has been detected

What is the cost to change front wheel bearing on a 2002 ford explorer 4wd?

$45 in parts + $150 in labor

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 1995 Ford Explorer 4wd?

The transmission has set a code and you need to get it checked.

Is it normal for the ford explorer 2002 4WD Lo indicater light to flash when engaged?

No , if the light is flashing that indicates a malfunction

Where is the vss on 96 ford explorer 4wd?

it is on the tail end of the tranny. almost on top. there is one 11mm nut holdin it on.

Where is the 4WD button on the explorer?

From 1995 to 2001 Ford Explorer 4 doors it is a rotary dial on the left side of the CENTER STACK of the dash. From 2002 to 2005 Ford Explorer 4 doors , there are 3 vertical push buttons on the right side of the CENTER STACK of the dash From 2006 on, Ford Explorer 4 doors, there are 3 horizontal push buttons on the CENTER STACK of the dash located above the heater/ air conditioning selector dial. (Helpfull)

2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD will not engage?

It could be due to a blown fuse which can be found under the dashboard under the hood. If the fuse is fine, check the motor connection of the transfer case, and be sure it has not come loose.

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