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The moon's gravity creates high tides and low tides. The moon's gravity pulls the water up and down as it orbits the Earth.

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Q: How does the Moon's gravity impact the earth?
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Do all of the moons not have gravity?

Everything has gravity, the bigger it is the more it has. Moons DO have gravity, but it might be less than Earth's.

Does the earth's gravity make the moons gravity?

No it doesn't, earth's gravity is only making the moon orbiting the earth not give the moon gravity.

Is our moons gravity one sixth of earth's gravity?

Yes, approximately.

Why an astronaut does not get pulled into earth on the moon?

The moons gravity holds them down!! The moons gravity maybe lower than the Earth's gravity but on the moon it is strong enough to win the tug of war with Earth's gravitational pull.

How tides occurs on Earth?

From the pull of the moons gravity.

Does the moons gravity affects the earth?

It creates the tides.

How is gravity generated on the moon?

All objects irrespective of size that have a mass have gravity.The moon has very little gravity in comparison to the Earth The moons gravity is around 17% of that on Earth whereas the Suns is 2,800 times that of Earth's The effect of the Moons gravity is easiest to recognise with tides on Earth.

How much stronger is the earths gravity than the moons gravity?

The moon's gravity is about 1/6th of Earth's.

What is moons gravity compared to earth?

16.55% as strong on the surface.

What fraction of the moons gravity is the moons gravity?

The moon's gravity is essentially identical to 100% of the moon's gravity, and results in gravitational forces on its surface that average about 16% of the corresponding forces on the Earth's surface.

Is the moons gravity 6 times stronger than the earth gravity?

No. It is about 5 times weaker.

What is earths relative gravity?

Generally gravity of other planets, moons, ext is compared relatively to Earth's (with Earth's being 1).