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Q: How does the Shang Dynasty impact us today?
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What impact does the Shang Dynasty have on us today?

if gave us smart asians

What do oracle bones tell us about religion and writing during the Shang Dynasty?

The oracle bones tell us that when you burn them, there are cracks. The Chinese thought that the gods are trying to tell them something. The cracks also make the Chinese handwriting used today.

What did the discovery of oracle bones reveal about the Shang people?

Shang Oracles or oracle bones are pieces bones used by the shang dynasty to divine the future, get answers to important questions and communicate with their ancestors. They are the earliest known records of ancient chinese writing and confirm the existence of the often doubted shang dynasty. The shang writing is a very old but direct ancestor of the moderm chinese script. The writing style is pictographic in nature and the bones show it evolving over time, so you can see the growth of the language. These writing tell us a great deal about the shang dynasty and archaic chinese culture.

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