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How does the Watchlist work on WikiAnswers?

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2010-05-22 19:53:08

"Using_Your_Watchlist" id="Using_Your_Watchlist">Using Your


You can put whatever questions you want on your Watchlist. This

list shows all of the questions that you wish to watch - whether

you asked them, answered them, or are making sure that no one ruins

a great answer.

When you see a new question, you will see four blocks that you

can click on. One of them says "Watch this question" which if you

click on it, will be added to your Watchlist. Any changes at all

that are made to that question will show up in your Watchlist, with

information on when it was changed and by whom.

You can also unselect questions that you wish to watch by

opening up your watchlist and clicking on "Click here to change

the list of Categories and questions you are watching."

(See Related question on how to use your Watchlist)

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