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Using Your WatchlistYou can put whatever questions you want on your Watchlist. This list shows all of the questions that you wish to watch - whether you asked them, answered them, or are making sure that no one ruins a great answer.

When you see a new question, you will see four blocks that you can click on. One of them says "Watch this question" which if you click on it, will be added to your Watchlist. Any changes at all that are made to that question will show up in your Watchlist, with information on when it was changed and by whom.

You can also unselect questions that you wish to watch by opening up your watchlist and clicking on "Click here to change the list of Categories and questions you are watching."

(See Related question on how to use your Watchlist)

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Q: How does the Watchlist work on WikiAnswers?
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What is a Watchlist?

The Watchlist on WikiAnswers is an area for users to monitor specific categories or individual questions that interest them. When a user is logged in to WikiAnswers, they will see a link to 'My Watchlist' on the left-hand side.

How do you get to your WikiAnswers Watchlist?

Click "My watchlist" under "My pages" in the blue box on the left side of the page.

How many questions can you follow on WikiAnswers?

As many as you want! Watchlist is what i can do.

Is there a way to track previous questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes - If you are a registered user of WikiAnswers you can use your "Watchlist" for this function.

What is the purpose of the Watchlist on WikiAnswers?

Wiki WatchThe purpose of the Watchlist is to, well, watch. According to the WikiAnswers Help Center, your Watchlist "is a tool for monitoring the activity in specific categories or in individual questions or discussions that interest you..."Your Watchlist basically lets you keep track of certain questions - it will update you on which user changed the answer to your question, or altered your question in any way.Read more about the Watchlist in the Help Center, via the Related Link.

How do you edit your watchlist on WikiAnswers?

Simply go to "My watchlist" on the blue panel on the left-hand side. The click "edit" in the top right corner.

How do you make a category on WikiAnswers your favorite one?

You can just keep going back to the same category or you can edit your watchlist and click on only that category, and questions for that category will be in your watchlist when you click "My watchlist" in the blue sidebar on the left.

How do you see a list of pages you're watching on WikiAnswers?

Click on the related link called "List of pages on WikiAnswers watchlist."

How do you watch questions on WikiAnswers?

To watch questions on WikiAnswers, if you are on a Question's Home Page, click "Get Updates" and you will now receive updates when the answer has been edited, answered, etc. To view/change your watchlist, go to the blue tool bar to the left of the page. Then, under "My pages" at the bottom, click "My watchlist" to change/view your watchlist.

What is the use of the unwatch function on WikiAnswers?

The "Unwatch" feature is used to unsubscribe a question from your watchlist.

How do you cancel your Watchlist on WikiAnswers?

To stop receiving email updates from your watchlist on WikiAnswers:Click on "My Watchlist" under "My Pages" in the blue sidebar.On the "My Settings" page, scroll down to "Email Updates."Uncheck all boxes (If they are checked, place the mouse pointer on the box and click on it to uncheck.)Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Settings."

What will happen if you 'cancel updates' for a question on WikiAnswers?

You will not receive updates for it in your watchlist or email.

What was the 'Watchlist' for WikiAnswers members formerly called?

The original name was 'watchlist'. On 1-16-11 the name was changed to 'newsfeed'. At that time, terminology for the buttons were being changed to the "follows" terms we use. Example, "Get updates" was changed to "Follow." The name was changed back to 'watchlist' on 1-30-11.

Could WikiAnswers be changed so that you can view your Watchlist in weeks or months instead of hours or days?

That's a good suggestion. It's certainly technically possible. We'll work on it.

Are questions you ask automatically added to the WikiAnswers watchlist?

They are by default - you can change it in the 'settings' option in the blue panel if you choose.

What is the function of the 'Hide new redirects' button in your Watchlist on WikiAnswers?

It hides all the "asked xxx And said it was the same as xxx" from the activity on your Watchlist so that it is easier for you to skim through it for answers and edits.

Is there a limit to the number of questions you can have on your WikiAnswers watchlist?

Strictly speaking, no, there is no limit to the number of questions or FAQs you can have on your Watchlist. Unfortunately, having thousands of questions on your Watchlist can create practical problems. Your Internet connection may "time out" while it tries to load them all. This is rare, but it has happened to a few users. We will be working on ways to make it easy to keep your Watchlist from growing to these extreme proportions.

How does one disable their watchlist?

You can clear your WikiAnswers watchlist of questions by selecting "My Watchlist" in the left sidebar, then selecting "Click here to change the list", then "Deselect All" and then "Remove Questions" under "Watched Questions". You can elect to stop receiving e-mail notifications of changes to your watched questions & categories by selecting "My Settings" and unchecking "A daily digest of new unanswered questions in my watchlist categories and notifications about updated answers from my watchlist" and then "Submit Settings".

How do you get RSS on your watchlist?

To add it in your watchlist add the widget of RSS to your watchlist.

How can you check answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

You go to your watchlist and find the question you asked and see if some one made a change.

How do the answers to WikiAnswers get answered so quickly?

People often have the topics on their Watchlists. Then, when someone else asks a question, that appears on the Watchlist because of the topic it was placed in. They might be able to answer the question. I found this question that way. I had the topic on my Watchlist and saw this.

How do you remove questions from your WikiAnswers Watchlist?

In the blue toolbar to the left of the page, under "My pages," click on "My watchlist." Then, click on the orange "Edit" button on the top right of the page that is headlined "Edit watchlist."Below the "Watched categories" section, you will see the "Watched questions" section, which has a list of every single question you have added to your Watchlist. Click the ones you would like to delete from this list, and then don't forget to click "Save" at the top of the page.

How do you easily see updates to questions you answered to on WikiAnswers?

Check your watchlist, or if you have opted to receive updates by email, just check your email, this is the quickest way.

How do you remove Catch All Questions from your WikiAnswers Watchlist?

Click the catch all question you want to remove from your watch list, then click 'cancel updates' from the question tools menu bar on the left of your screen. You will need to do this for each different catch all question that you have in your watchlist.

When did 'My watchlist' change to 'My newsfeed'?

"My watchlist" was changed to "My newsfeed" on January 16, 2011. However, the term "My watchlist" was reinstated after we saw that most of our users are more comfortable with "Watchlist."