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Through the use of chainrings - up front, and sprockets - at the rear with different sizes it's possible to change how much the rear wheel will turn WRT the pedals.

This allows you to trade strength for speed, or the other way around.

Moving the shifter lever moves a derailer which moves the chain from one sprocket to another which makes it either harder or easier to turn the pedals.

And the rider can keep pedalling at a comfortable pace and effort on the flat, up hills and down.

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Q: How does the back gear and front gear work?
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How do you change gear in Maruti 800?

in the H type groove, towards the front left position is the first gear ,straight back is the second gear.Towards right front is the third gear and straigth back is the forth gear. Towards the rightmost back is the reverse gear.Centre of the Groove is the neutral.

What is the toughest gear on a bike?

The heaviest gear to push is when the chain is at the biggest wheel up front and the smallest wheel at the back.

If you are on gear one are you on a big gear or a small gear?

1st gear is the gear where you can pedal with the least resistance. For a bicycle with external gears the chain should be on a big sprocket at the back and a small chainwheel at the front.

Whats the stock gear ratio on the front and rear axles of an 87' Toyota 4x4 pick up?

the front should be wahever the back is. count them on the ring gear then count the pinoin and devide that and it will give you the gear ratio

If you fill the window washer tank and the back still doesn't work is it broken?

does the front work? if the front DOES work, it may just be the hose to the back has a leak/hole.

Where is the front differential actuator on 99 Chevy Tracker located?

the air pump is on the back of the front bumper, the rest in your front axil inbtween you ring gear and your carrier

How do you work out sprocket sizes for bmx?

Divide your rear sprocket into your front sprocket. Like 25x9. 25 divided by 9 = 2.77. so 2.77 to 1 is the drive ratio. If you go with a smaller sprocket like a 24 in the front but still a 9 in the back, you are lowering the gear ratio to 2.66 to 1. So your bike will be slower but easier to pedal. If you go with a 25 in the front and a 10 in the back, you end up with a 2.5 to 1 ratio. Don't confuse gear ratio with gear inches, that's a calculation including the wheel and sometimes the circumference of the tire.

If you have different gear ratios in front than in back does it matter?

yes it dose matter you will blow your transfercase like i did.

I need to know the axle oil weight of the front and back of a 1994 Chevy Silverado?

API 80W90 GL-5 gear lubricant Front and rear.

1988 trx350d fourtrax foreman what differential oil to use front and back?

Hypoid Gear Oil SAE #80

Where does 1975 sportster speedo cable go?

you should have a speedo gear on the front axle. it screws into that gear, goes though the bracket on the fender and up to the back of the speedo. hope that helps

What would be the cause of an intermittent clicking noise in first gear and reverse in a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

it is the universal joint front or rear have someone outside vehicle listen to where its coming from front or back. front of driveshaft or back of driveshaft to rear end.