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It cant and never will. The moon is just a big rock

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What forms after a huge massive star explodes and then collapses?

black holes

What are stellar black holes?

A stellar black hole is a black hole that forms from the death of a massive star. Such black holes range in mass from a few times to a few dozen times the mass of the sun.

What possible forms might the dark matter in the halo of the milky way be in?

Black holes possibly???

Do a blackhole become a star?

Black holes were 'star'. When a star dies by crushing down its own gravity and then black hole forms.

Why has the moon got holes?

The moon has holes because it has been hit by asteroids

Is black holes bigger than galaxies?

Well, there are two kinds of black holes. The normal black holes and the supermassive black holes. The supermassive black holes are a billion times bigger then our sun, while normal black holes are the same size as the Earth.

What were black holes before they turned into black holes?

stellar black holes were stars (these are large)primordial black holes were pieces of the big bang (these are microscopic)

What are the different kinds of black holes?

There is only 1 type of black holes called black holes.

Why are black hole?

Black holes aren't holes, but attract objects just like holes.Black holes are in the middle of most galaxies.Black holes start by supernovas, which are giant explosians.

Why are there black holes in space?

Simply put, the existence of black holes is consequential to the laws of physics. If you have enough matter and it's concentrated enough, there will be a point at which the escape velocity is higher than the speed of light and a black hole forms. For more detailed reasons as to why black holes exist, a separate study of each type would help, primordial black holes are believed to have been generated by processes during the creation of the universe; stellar black holes are the result of events in stellar evolution, supermassive black holes result from attrition of matter during the formation of galaxies.

The names of the black holes?

do you mean like stellar black hole,miniature black holes, and super nova black holes.

What are the moon holes name?

The holes in the moon are called craters. To find the name of famous moon craters go to wikipedia.

What is the holes on the moon?

"What ARE the holes on the moon?" The 'holes' you see are not really that, but are craters caused by billions of meteor impacts since the moon's formation.

Is the universe made of black holes?

No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.

How do you use black holes?

You Dont USE Black Holes

Can black holes dies?

Black holes do not die but they can evaporate.

How black holes formed?

Black holes are formed when a big star explodes into a supernova (massive explosion) and the core collapses completely. The explosion carries on until the star forms a singularity (a dense point in which mass can be stuffed in), eventually inside a black hole.

How did black holes get its name?

They got the name Black Holes because they suck in light. That's why they are called Black Holes.

Why are black holes round?

Black holes are round because they are formed from dead stars and white holes. As you can guess a star is a sphere and that is why black holes are round.

What are the holes of the surface on the moon called?

The surface of the Moon is pitted by deep holes in the ground called craters.

What are the holes in the moon and how were they made?

The "holes" in the Moon are craters; it's likely that most of those are caused by meteorites.

What causes the large holes on the moon?

The large holes in the moon are naturally there. As soon as the moon came to life the holes are there. The moon was made that way. Although the moon is natural its still made. Things like mountains don't just pop up by them selves !

Has anyone ever got sucked into a black hole?

No, the furthest any humans have travelled into space from Earth is to the Moon. There are no known black holes in our solar system.

What forms blacks holes?


Can black holes destroy quasars?

No, black holes make quasars.