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The clamps could be going bad, or you may have started to crush the tubes on the heater core by overtightening and now they wont stay on. i found out that the clamps are quick release so you squeeze the side of the plastic clip and pull the hose off.

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How do you replace heater hoses on a 1990 Mercury Topaz?

Simply take the old ones loose with the clamps and put new ones on. You may want to replace the clamps .

Remove heater hose on 2006 silverado 2500 HD?

There are two hoses for the 2006 Silverado heater core. Loosen the clamps where the hoses go into the firewall. Twist the hoses gently to break them loose. Slide the hoses off. Follow the hoses to the other end, and repeat the process.

What makes an engine idle up and down?

on a 2007 accord it could be air in your cooling -heater antifreeze.check fo leaking hoses or loose clamps also fill rad and reserve to the top with anti freeze.hope this helps

How do you by-pass the heater core on a 1997 Dodge Caravan?

There are two hoses coming from the engine that go to the heater core in the dash. One is a supply hose and the other is a return hose. You simply take these hoses loose where they enter the firewall and connect them together using a double hose barb with clamps. I think it's a 5/8ths barb that you need.

Can you bypass the heater core on a 1997 crown vic?

Just take one of the heater hoses loose at the heater core and loop it back to the motor to the other heater hose. Or you can take them both loose at the heater core and put a splice connector between them is this is easier.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva?

Re: How to replace 95 Achieva heater core... Drain the antifreeze. Keep the drain pan under the heater core hoses. Disconnect the battery. Remove the hose clamps/ 2 hoses fom the heater core from under the hood in the engine compartment. These hoses are hard to reach. You can try to reach the hose clamps from under the raised car. Inside the car: remove the center console if you have one (there is a little clip to pry out from the front of the trans-shift lever), heater ducts and covers and the square black plastic heater core cover. You will need various small sockets. Then just snap the 2 straps loose and replace the core. Make sure that the hoses are not the source of the leaks. Replace the hoses if they are old. One of the hoses is 3/4" on one end and 5/8" on the other end. So, you will need a hose size adapter in the hose if it not a factory hose assembly. I dont remember the size of the other hose.

Do you need to disconnect the AC to replace the heater core on a 1996 Honda Passport?

you should only have to take loose the heater hoses where they go into the firewall and of course the heater core itself

92 Ford Taurus heater system fogging up inside of window when on defrost just replaced heater core?

Sounds like a heater hose got left loose or maybe one of the hoses are leaking a little.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1990 Chrysler new yorker?

the fuel filter is located on the passenger side right in front of the rear tire. take the hose clamps loose and pull the hoses off. put the new one on and your good to go. the fuel filter is located on the passenger side right in front of the rear tire. take the hose clamps loose and pull the hoses off. put the new one on and your good to go.

How to by pass the heater core on a 1993 Pontiac trans port?

Here he easiest way to bypass a heater core on just about any vehicle. 1. Locate the input and output hoses that go the heater core. 2. Trace them to the closest connection point before the firewall of the vehicle. 3. Disconnect both hoses by lossening the clamps that hold them. 4. Find a piece of sturdy pipe (heat rated PVC, steel, Copper, etc.) that will fit INSIDE both hoses. Some vehicles have difference size input and output hoses so you may need an adapter to make a big to little pipe. 5. Put the pipe into both ends of the hoses and tighted the clamps. 6. Make sure the not joined hoses do not fall into any moving parts of the engine compartment. You may need to tie it up with some type of wire (electricl wire works well). There.. your done. You heater core won't leak and the vehicle will not loose any more antifreeze through the heater core. But .. you won't have any heat in the car either. This is a quick fix to get your car back on the road until you can repair it properly. Hope this helps.

Can you bypass the heater core with a longer hose in a 1990 jeep wrangler?

Yes, or take one of the hoses loose at the heater core and take it back to the motor on the other one. Shouldn't need a new hose.

Where is the 2003 Chevy impala ambient light sensor located?

on the dash to the left of the heater vent, peiece is held down by clamps just pop loose lift to access the sensor

Why is there smoke coming from air conditioner vent while air is off?

You may have a leaking heater core but before you replace it check the heater hoses because sometimes coolant can pass under a loose hose clamp..........

How can you loose antifreeze when you have no gasket leaks?

you can be loosing fluid through hoses, Raidator core or your heater core. check for fluid on ground if so look under hood at your radiator, radiator hoses and waterpump. also check passengerside floor of car if it is wet you need to replace your heater core. good luck

Antifreeze is leaking from the back side of your 94 s-10 you have never changed the intake manifold and the heater hoses are not craked What can it be?

You could have a loose or leaking freeze plug.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1990 Chevrolet Corsica?

it is located under the dash in the middle right on top of the frame or trany hump there is a black case on the outside with if I rember right 4 screws holding on to the heater core case them the should be 4 to 6 screws to take the 2nd plate off at theis point if you hace big hands or larger arms call closest friend cheapest help to crawl under car and take of the spring hose clamps or possably hose clamps befor you start all this you should have drained the coolant take both hoses loose the go back to under the dash and there should be 2 core brackets holding the heater core in eith 4 screws try to rember which way it came out to you can get the new one back in put back together in oppsite order make sure you use new heater core hose clamps

Have 2000 dodge Dakota rt 5.9 Just had heater core replaced with aftermrket core 4 days ago It's leaking again already what could cause this to happen?

either it is a defective heater core or the hoses are loose if you paid take itback

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder?

The fuel filter is at the rear of the fuel tank, Above the rear end of the vehicle, it is clalped to a support bracket by a bolt with a 10 mm head, it has a rubber hose on each end with Phillips head screw hose clamps . It is easier to remove the screw clamps before you loosen the filter from the bracket. Once you remove the clamps and hose from the tank side loosen the hold down clamp, slide the filter out toward the passenger side and then remove the exzisting hose. The hoses will probably be stuck to the filter from the hose clamp pressure, just turn the hoses back and forth by hand until they break loose. A little liquid soap on the filter will allow the hoses to slide back in place easily. MAKE SURE THE CLAMPS ARE TIGHT after re installation

How do you remove the heater core in a 1978 Chevy van?

On early (1978)Chevy Vans you access the heater core thru the small hood in front of the Van. On the left side locate the two heater core hose's and observe the cover that holds the blower motor and core. Remove the bolts that secure the cover to the firewall and pry the cover loose. You may have to disconnect the heater blower motor electric plug. Some covers were sealed shut with some type of adhesive and the cover may require a considerable amount of prying to free. Installation is reverse of the remove and new hoses and clamps are always a good idea.As far as heater core R-N-R'S not a very difficult job.

How do you bypass heater core 1997 dodge ram?

Take the hoses loose and put a piece of pipe or tubing in between them. Or if one hose is long enough, use it to go between the two outlets on the motor.

Blend door actuator and heater core on 2000 ford windstar works why are you still getting cold air?

What about the blend door itself? They are known to break loose from the shaft they mount to. Also, with the engine running and fully warmed up, feel both heater hoses as they enter the heater core from under the hood, they should both be quite hot (180+ degrees F). If one is hot/warm and the other is warm/cold, the heater core may be blocked/plugged. If that is the case give the heater core a good flush with the garden hose. If both heater hoses are hot, you still have a blend door problem as stated above. If both heater hoses are cold, you may have a stuck open thermostat or you are very low on coolant. See "Related Questions" below for more

What are Causes of leaking radiator fluid?

loose/cracked radiatior hoses

Just replaced radiator a week ago now green coolant comes flooding out bottom What caused this?

Check the radiator hoses. The coolant is either leaking out of the new radiator, or it is coming from a radiator hose. The water pump may be leaking. Hose clamps may be loose.

How to remove the heater core from a 1998 wrangler?

if it is like a 1997. you have to start by pulling the dash loose. then you have to disconnect the a/c and the heater hoses from under the hood. the heater core is in the aircondition box assy. take it out of the car and split the case in 2. you will have to recharge the air conditioning when you put it all back together. Very time consuming job well worth the money to pay someone else to do.

How do you bypass a heater core on a 1992 cavalier?

# Let the car cool down. # Put a drain pan under the car. # Drain about a gallon of coolant from the petcock at the bottom of the radiator. # Locate and loosen the hose clamps on the feed lines going to the heater core. # Remove both hoses and tie them out of the way after they have drained. # Take a new hose of an appropriate length and clamp it back onto the outlet and inlet nipples. # Replace the coolant. # Start the car with the radiator cap loose and let it run for a couple minutes to purge the air from the system. # Top-up the radiator and tighten the cap. # Top the overflow tank up after driving the car long enough to get the engine to operating temperature. # Check for leaks and tighten clamps as needed.

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