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they bring it here

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Where does Cuba get its money?

Cuba is an reach country in tobacco, that's is one of the most common way to get the money that the country needs

Is Cuba a country or state?

cuba is a country

Which country is directly south of Florida?

Cuba.CubaCubaCuba is due south.Cuba.The country that is directly south of Florida is the country of Cuba. Cuba's official name is actually the Republic of Cuba.

What is the mother country of Cuba?

Spain is mo country of Cuba.

Which country do Cuba belong?

Cuba is a sovereign country.

Is cuba is a capitalist country?

is cuba is a capitalist country

What country is Cuba in?


What kind of country is Cuba?

Cuba is a small communist country. The elections in Cuba are candidates which are approved by the communist party. Cuba is a country that is entrenched in poverty.

Is cuba a developed or a developing country?

Cuba is a developing country.

What country is Cuba next to?

the country Cuba is next to is the USA.

What if country of origin is Cuba?

Cuba has a debatable country of origin

Did Cuba became a country?

Cuba has always been a country.

Is Cuba a country or continent?

Cuba is a country in North America

Which country has an embargo with Cuba?

The United States.

What is the money used in Cuba called?

the money they use in Cuba is peso.

What country controls Cuba now?

Cuba controls Cuba.

Is Spain in Cuba?

No, Spain is one country and Cuba is another country. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Ocean and Spain is a country in Europe. During the 19th century Cuba was a Spanish Territory.

Yes Cuba does have countries?

Cuba IS a country.

What country does Cuba belong to?

Cuba is an independent nation. It does not belong to another country.

Is Cuba a island or a country?

Both. Cuba is an Island and a Country, as are Greenland and Iceland.

Is Cuba a second world country?

Cuba is very poor. It used to get money from the Soviet Union but when the Soviet Union dissolved, Cuba had more financial difficulties. The US is still embargoing goods to Cuba so this also hurts the Cuban economy.

When did Cuba become a country?

Cuba became an offical country on October 10th, 1868.

Is Cuba a non-democratic country?

Yes Cuba Is A Non-Democratic Country

Which country is closest to the equator Belize Cuba or El Salvador?

cuba Cuba

What is Cuba?

Cuba is an island country south of Florida.

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