How does the enzyme produce this effects?

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How do nerve agents produce effects in the body?

they inhibit the enzyme Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) allowing Acetylcholine (ACh) to accumulate.

Enzyme molecules react with reactants to produce substrates?

Enzyme molecules react with reactants to produce substrates.

What was the result of mixing the boiled enzyme with milk?

Once you boil the enzyme, it will be inactivated. Milk will have no effects of the enzyme.

What missing enzyme causes albinism?

Tyrosinase enzyme which is the 1st enzyme in the cycle to produce melanin from tyrosine amino acid

What are the effects of freezing on enzyme activity?

When an enzyme is frozen, it only slows down activity. Unlike boiling an enzyme, it does not stop it from working.

What enzyme does saliva produce?

Amylase (ptyalin)

Active site of enzyme?

The active site of an enzyme is a "slot" where the substrate will fit. This will produce a reaction that will be faster than without the enzyme.

Can enzyme therapy cause side effects?

Side effects associated with enzyme therapy include heartburn, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and acne.

What are the effects of physical activity on enzyme activity?

Physical activity can alter the shape of enzyme which can cause damage or may the enzyme become inactive

How do living cells produce H2O2?

Yes,they do produce H2O2.They are broken by catalase enzyme.

Enzyme that produce fatty acids and glycerol?


Which enzyme is used to produce RFLPs?

Restriction enzymes.

Which part of the organs produce hydrolysis enzyme?


What are some useful effects of bacteria?

bacteria as many useful effects like it is used in the agriculture it is used in medicine to manufacture antibiotic some bacteria are live in alimentary canal to produce enzyme like CELLULASE to digest cellulose in herbivorus

What happens if an enzyme stops working?

effects the body functions, overaction of other enzyme results in deterioreting the condition.

What is an example of a sentence using the word 'enzyme'?

"During this experiment, we will be looking to see the effects of heat on enxyme activity" "This stain remover contains an enzyme"

Is trypsinogen a pancreatic enzyme?

No, trypsinogen is a zymogen, an enzyme precursor, an inactive chemical produced by the pancreas. In the intestine, trypsinogen is activated by the mucosal enzyme enteropeptidease to produce the enzyme trypsin which is critical to digestion.

How does boiling an enzyme effects its activity?

Depending on the enzyme, boiling might deactivate it. High temperatures can denature an enzyme, which occurs because the enzyme's shape changes, which will reduce or completely disable the activity of the enzyme.

Explain the effects of pH on enzyme reaction rates?

A change in pH can denature an enzyme, meaning the reaction would stop.

What enzyme works in conjunction with Atp to produce bioluminescence?


What organs produce the starch digesting enzyme amylase?

the mouth

The ribosome interprets the mRNA to produce a string of?

luciferase enzyme

In what way does an enzyme affect the reaction it catalyzes how does the enzyme produce this effect?

in anaonmayie way anenzyme produces a chemical reactipn nf gsjh catalyzeda as un defibne tissues that can be produce energy

Three pairs of enzyme-rich glands produce .?

Saliva A+

What enzyme helps produce ATP in the light reaction?

ATP Synthase