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the eye only captures the light where it will send a neural impulse to the brain where it decodes the signal to make the image kind of like the 01's that make up the digital universe(internet) where the computer decodes it so we can see what the image is. This is incredibly simplified and the more complex answer will boggle your mind with Biology and chemistry of it. The body is really amazing...

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How does the eye see luminous objects?

the eye can see luminous objects as the light produced by the object travels into our eyes

How the human eye see objects?

the rentina

What do rods in your eye do?

rods help you: -See objects -See shapes

What is needed to see objects?

light and a receptive eye.

When you look through a window why can you see objects outside?

You see things through your eye. All objects reflect light. Therefore, when light from a object reaches you eye it forms an image. This is how you see.

Two different ways that people can see objects?

with one eye and another eye i think.............

When the eye becomes elongated people see near objects well but see far objects poorly. This is what is called?

It is called myopia, or nearsightedness

How does the eye use light to see?

your eye takes the light and makes objects more vibrant using the light.

Can you see objects without light?

No, to see objects without the presence of light is impossible. Even a little light will help you see an object. Light has to reflect from the object to the eye to allow you to see it.

What should be used to see small objects that are not visible to the naked eye?


Why can you see objects?

You see because your eye is adapted to absorb and focus light and send the impulses to the brain for interpretation.

How do you see coloured objects?

Because of your eye retina, and the way they are formed allows you to only see visible light....

Why were microscopes made?

Do examine objects with detail too small to see with the human eye.

Which tool is used to see objects too small to be seen with the human eye?


What makes an eye see?

the reflection of light off of objects being absorbed by the retina

What tool is used to see objects too small to be seen with the human eye?

A stethoscope

Why do you have to use the microscope?

so that you can see objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye

Why is a normal eye not able to see clearly objects placed closer than 25cms?

Light from objects that we see has to be focused by the eye to give a sharp image on the retina. Light from near objects is very divergent (spreading out), and the lens of the eye has to become very thick to focus it. As there is a limit to how thick we can make the lens, there is a near point beyond which we cannot focus.

What is a spyglass usually symbolic of?

A spyglass is usually symbolic of being able to see distant objects. It has the power to see where the human eye cannot, perhaps symbolic of a third eye, or greater eye power.

Why can not you see distant objects?

It is caused due to the limitation of human eye i.e the eye lens cannot adjust its focal length.

What has an eye but cannot see and sharp objects attack them?

Probabely potato, it has bud or eye and is attacked by sharp object like knife.

What is the function of a microscope?

A microscope is a laboratory apparatus used to enlarge or magnify small objects that a person can't see with his/her naked eye.To magnify minute objects which cannot be seen with our naked-eye

How is microscopes useful?

Microscopes help to see small objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Can transparent objects have a color?

Yes, you can see a color when light of a certain wavelength reaches your eye.

Why can't a farsighted person see objects that are nearby?

Their eye balls are too short/small

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