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How does the film relate to the shutter speed?

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The slower the film -- that is, the lower the ISO rating -- the longer the shutter must stay open at a particular aperture (F-stop). In low light with slow film, the shutter may have to stay open too long for the camera to be hand-held without noticeable camera shake, even with cameras with optical image stabilization.

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Shutter speed can be used to?

How many amount of light are reaching in the film.

How are aperture iso and shutter speed related?

aperture and shutter speed control the amount of light while iso refers to the sensitivity of the film or sensor to light.

What is significance of shutter?

This will depend on what you are shooting. If you are shooying water a slow shutter speed will do - if it's sports photography you will need a fast shutter speed. The shutter is a mechanical device that controls the length of time that light is allowed to act on the film. With a shutter speed of 1/125 you shoud avoid blur if the subject is not moving. Any speed under this your camera should be placed on a tripod.

What is shuterspeed on a camera?

the shutter speed is how fast the shutter can go eg. an dslr has a faster shutter speed than a digital camera the shutter is a part on the camera that opens and closes when it opens it draws the light from the object focused on and places it on the lcd screen of film giving you your pic

How does shutter speed effect the quality of a picture?

Shutter speed controls how long the sensor/film is exposed. Shorter shutter speeds normally provide a sharper image. Longer shutter speeds give you more blur. If you're hand holding your camera a good rule to go by is to multiply you focal length by two and use that as your shutter speed. For example, if your focal length is 100mm--your shutter speed should be 1/200sec or faster.

What two variables on a camera control the exposure of the film?

shutter speed and lens aperture

How does shutter speed work?

Shutter speed is how fast your shutter opens and closes to take a picture on your camera. Shutter speed also has a lot to do with exposure. The higher the shutter speed (1/2000 example) the less light.

What is the definition of shutter speed in photography?

Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open after you take a photo. The faster the shutter speed is, the less light you are letting in. How you should set your shutter speed is dependent upon the type of picture you want to take.

What is the shutter speed on a canon eos 1n?

You can adjust the shutter speed of Canon EOS cameras so there isn't a set shutter speed.

How does shutter speed and aperture relate to film speed?

The lower the film speed the more light (aperture) and time (shutter speed) you need to penetrate the film emulsion that contains the reactive chemicals that produce the negative to get a proper exposure, because lower speed film tends to have a thicker emulsion and more of those chemicals. The whole point of higher speed film is that it has a thinner emulsion, thus reducing the amount of light and time needed to produce the same image, but the typical result is "graining" because there are simply less reactive chemicals in the emulsion. With lower speed film the sooner you'll need a flash to compensate for the lack of light. As an aside, the principle is similar in digital cameras, where the higher "ISO" results in digital graining, called "noise".

What is the definition of shutter speed in a camera?

Shutter Speed refers to how long the Medium (the sensor or Film) is exposed to light. a common DSLR Camera can have speeds from as slow as 30 seconds to as fast as 1/4000th of a second

How does shutter speed affect the quality of a picture?

Shutter speed affects how movement is recorded. A high shutter speed will appear to stop movement, while a slower speed will show the movement.

What is shutter speed in photography?

Shutter speed is how fast the shutter on your camera opens and closes, letting in light to compose your photograph. Shutter speed has a lot to do with the light of your photo. A higher shutter speed of around 1/700 may turn your image anywhere from black to barely black. A shutter speed of a round 1/8 will let in a low of light, having a possibility of overexposing your image. Shutter speed also controls whether or not any motion in your picture freezes or blurs. A shutter speed of about 1/700 will freeze most motion but a shutter speed of about 1/8 will blur all motion in your picture.

Why is shutter speed used?

The shutter speed setting controls the picture exposure, or how dark or bright the picture will be. Wikipedia has some very good information on shutter speed and aperture.

Which shutter speed will provide the least exposure?

The highest shutter speed available to you will give you the darkest exposure, while the lowest shutter speed available will give you the brightest exposure

How does shutter speed improve photographs?

It doesn't necessarily inprove your picture. The higher the shutter speed, the less light, also the blur in a photo. A higher shutter speed will freeze a photo. A lower shutter speed will blur most motion and will increase chances of blur.

How does shutter speed control motion?

Shutter speed does not, of itself, control motion. The recorded images of moving objects will be less or more sharp depending on the shutter speed and the speed of the objects across the field of view.

What is shutter speed on a camera?

How fast the shutter on your camera opens and close.

What does a shutter speed measure?

How fast the shutter on your camera opens an closes.

What is aperture priority of digital camera?

Exposure, in digital or film photography, is determined by aperture and shutter speed. On a manual camera, the user selects both values.On an automatic camera, there are four possibilities:Manual mode. User selects both aperture and shutter speed.Shutter priority. User picks the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure proper exposure.Aperture priority. User picks the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed to ensure proper exposure.Program mode. The camera selects both values.

What effect does aperture and shutter speed have on exposure?

Aperture limits the amount of light that can reach the film (or sensor). The larger the aperture the greater the depth of field (subjects in the distance will be in focus). The smaller the aperture, the more shallow the depth of field. Traditional style portraiture requires a shallow depth of field so only the subject is in focus, blurring out everything in the background. Shutter speed refers to the duration in which the film (or sensor) is exposed to light. As a photographer, you have to find that balance between aperture and shutter speed in order to achieve your desired effect. Generally, the wider the aperture, the faster the shutter speed needs to be.

How do you change shutter speed?

Shutter speed can also be refered to as exposure on some cameras.. the lower the # the longer the shutter stays open... Usually slowing shutter speeds is done for effects photos or low light conditions.. It's crucial that the camera remain still when using a slow shutter speed.

What do you have to consider when selecting your shutter speed?

Shutter speed has a lot to do with your overall exposure. A higher shutter speed will decrease the light a lot. I was in best buy playing around with a camera and turned the camera shutter speed to 1/4000. After taking the photo, the preview was black. I realized it was because of how much higher I increase my shutter speed. Shutter speed also affects motion in a photo. A higher shutter speed will freeze all action in a photo a will less likely have a blur to it if you have a shaky hand. A lower shutter speed lets in more light while the shutter is will opened so the entire time that the shutter is open, the camera takes in all that light. Increasing chances of blur, you can also use this for crazy, funky effects! If your taking a picture of a waterfall with a low shutter speed, your gonna get a blur, which can typically look pretty epic sometimes too.

What controls the amount of time light may enter a camera?

The Shutter Speed. If the shutter speed is positioned at 2000 you'll have a very quick exposure, this is best used if its very bright outside. If the shutter speed is at 75, you'll have a very long exposure, best used if its cloudy or dark.

What is the make up of all cameras?

Lens - Something to let light inShutter - Something to control when the light comes in"Film" - Something to capture the light onDark Box - Something to make sure only the light from the lens comes inThe lens controls aperture, the shutter controls shutter speed, the "film" (film, image sensor, etc.) controls ISO, and the dark box keeps the "film" from being exposed to unwanted light.