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Anne Frank

How does the frank family treat each other?

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How do Hindus treat each other?

how do people treat each other

Did the Jew's kill the Anne Frank and her family?

No, the Jews tried to help each other as much as they could. The Nazi's killed Anne Frank and her family, only her father surviving.

What is the pretis relationship with the people and his parish?

Pretis relationship with his parish like a family members because all are living with one parish and treat each other as family support to each other.

How can you be happy when the people in your family are miserable and mean and not talking to each other?

You can keep your room clean and give hugs. In other words, treat your family members with respect and love, even if they don't behave that way. There is a better chance that they can learn from you or at the very least, treat you more kindly even if they don't treat each other kindly.

How do Sikhs treat each other equally?

We were never taught how to not treat each other equally!

How did the Ancient Romans treat each other?

Like everyone else treat each other.

What makes your family different if you are gay?

Nothing makes your family different no matter what your sexuality is. The only thing that can be different is the way we treat each other in our family.

How does priestly give ideas about how you should treat each other?

treat each other kindly, like you would treat yourself.

Did Anne FRANK get separated from her family in westerbork?

They did not see each other during the day, but did have some time together in the evenings.

What are the factors that affect the family relationship?

One factor is how the members of the family treat each other. Trust is another. To be able to tell the truth even it hurts. to be there a family member needs you.

How did the Puritans treat each other?

Good .

How did Muhammad encourage people to treat each other?

Muhammad taught people to love each other and God. Muhammad taught people to don't hate each other and treat everybody equally.

Is mindless behavior related to each other?

no there are not related but they treat each other like brothers

How did women and family treat the sick in the middle ages?

I don't know all the details but I know women and family helped cure each other using herbs and plants! Hope this helped!

What do you have to do to get a cat and dog to like each other?

You have to get them to act calm around each other. Try to get them next to each other. When they behave award them with a treat.

What was Thomas Jefferson's relationship with congress?

They were all nice to each other, and wanted to treat each other equally...

Do the Spanish and Germans like each other?

Well, basically, it really depends on how they treat each other but anyways, we should always treat different countries well! Cheers^^

What are ways to treat each other?

"Treat others as you would like to be treated" is a true and tried method.

What do family members depend on each other for?

family members depend one each other for support,emotions and social

Characteristics of ideal family?

Ideal family is that every one in a family understand every ones mind help each other care for each other.

What were family and clan relationships to the Cherokee?

To the Cherokees family and Clan relationships was how each person was related to each other and many indians were related to each other

When do you say that a family is strong and healthy?

If members of a family like each other, and are helpful to each other, that is a healthy family. If the members of the family enjoy success in their lives, whether financial success or any other type, that contributes to the strength of the family. People who are doing well and helping each other to do well, form a strong healthy family.

How should you treat your teenager girl?

Treat her with patience and teach her patience. Teach each other good things.

How did Indians name each other?

BY making up name for each other to seprate each family

How do gods and goddess treat one another on mount Olympus?

Pretty much like humans: they help each other, hinder each other, love each other, hate each other, and so on.

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