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Romeo and Juliet

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Why is Juliet embarrassed in act two of Romeo and Juliet

What is a purpose of a author in writing

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Q: How does the friar feel about his involvement in the whole affair of romeo and Juliet?
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Related questions

Where did romeo and Juliet wedding take place in?

Friar Lawrence's cell. It was a small affair.

Which friar married Romeo and Juliet?

Friar Laurence married off Romeo and Juliet.

Frair who marries Romeo to Juliet?

Friar Laurence is the friar who marries Romeo and Juliet.

What is ironic about Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet?

In the beginning, Friar tells Romeo to not fall too hard when Romeo first tells Friar about Juliet. But later on Friar is the one who married Romeo and Juliet and he also tries saving them so that they can be together.

Who knew of Romeo and Juliet's marriage in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet's nurse and Friar Lawrence

What is the setting of scene 6 in romeo and Juliet?

Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Lawrence are in Friar Lawrence's cell.

In the story of Romeo and Juliet who is friar Lawrence?

In the story Romeo and juliet, Friar Lawrence is a friend of Romeo's and Juliet's and helps them, gives them advice and also keeps their secrets.

What does Romeo ask the friar to do?

He asks the friar to Marry Romeo and Juliet

Why is Friar Laurence upset in Scene 2 with Friar John's news?

Juliet love romeo and romeo love Juliet and Juliet want to be marry romeo and romeo thatsk kiddin my lady

Who were the five main characters in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet, Romeo, Tybalt, Nurse, Benvolio Or . . . Juliet, Romeo, Friar Lawrence, Nurse, Capulet Or . . . Juliet, Romeo, Friar Lawrence, Capulet, Tybalt Or . . . Juliet, Romeo, Capulet, Mercutio, Tybalt Or basically Romeo and Juliet and any three of Nurse, Friar, Capulet, Mercutio, or Tybalt.

What is Friar Laurence's fault in Romeo and Juliet?

It is Friar Laurence's fault in the play that Romeo and Juliet died

Why does shakespeare leave the wedding ceremony out of the play in Romeo and Juliet?

It's in there, Act II. It is the Friar's cell between Romeo and Juliet and the Friar.

Why does Friar Laurence agree to maarry Romeo and Juliet?

friar Laurence agreed to marry romeo and Juliet because he thought by marrying romeo and Juliet, it would end the fued between the montagues and the capulets

Where are Romeo and Juliet married in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet sneaks off the Friar Lawrence's cell to marry Romeo.

Who gives Juliet the poison in Romeo and Juliet?

Friar Lawrence gave Juliet the poison in Romeo and Juliet.

What role does friar Lawrence play in Romeo and Juliet?

He marries Romeo and Juliet.

Who married Romeo and Juliet?

Friar Lawrence married Romeo and Juliet in his cell.

Where did Romeo and Juliet marry?

Romeo and Juliet were married in Friar Lawrence's cell.

Who was priest assistance in romeo and Juliet?

Friar Lawrence was the priest in Romeo and Juliet

Who attended Romeo and Juliet's wedding?

Romeo, Juliet and Friar Lawrence, who officiated.

Who is the friar who helps romeo and juliet?

Friar Lawrence.

What reactions both similar and different do Juliet and Romeo have to Romeos punishment?

Both Juliet and Romeo are upset at Romeo's punishment and both go to the friar for help. Juliet confides in her nurse, while Romeo discusses it with the friar.

What does Romeo tell Friar Laurence and what does he want from Friar?

Romeo asks friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet in secret

What does Friar Laurence say Romeo and Juliet will do after Juliet wakes up?

Friar Lawerence's plan was for Romeo to take Juliet away to Mantua with him where they could live together.

What does Juliet call the friar?

The Friar that elopes Juliet and Romeo is named Friar Lawrence... But if you are talkin about the Friar who was supposed to send Romeo the message of Juliets faked death at the end then his name is Friar John