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The legal framework differs between public and private schools. The main difference seen, is the separation of church and state.

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What is North Carolina's school dress code?

Private schools' policies will differ from the public school system.

How do sheet silicates differ from framework silicates?

it has 3 oxygen Adams

How does Chinese schools differ from Australian schools?

chineese schools have chineese students

Where did people first start to ware school uniforms?

Mostly in Private schools so that nobody could be differ than anyone else and all eaqual.

What national certifications are needed for teachers?

A teaching certificate is needed to be a public school teacher, but at private schools there may be no certification requirements. The certifications also differ by state.

When does a child go to school in Australia?

Regular public schools are Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 3:20pm. Terms are 9-11 weeks, with two week holidays between each term, and a six week holiday over summer. This is a regular South Australian schedule; private schools and other states may differ.

How do you use schools' in a sentence?

This new schools' rules may differ from your last.

I have a house in one school district and an appartment in another school district Can I choose which district I want to send my children to?

yes, by law you can send your children to school anywhere you choose. This applies to public schools only, and may differ amongst private schools.

How does corporate strategy formulation differ for a small versus large organisations?

houw would application of the strategy-formulation framework differ from a small to a large organization?

How does the private sector differ from the public sector?

the government dosen't run the private sector companies.

What is the difference between a private university and public university?

Public and private differ in funding. The thing that matters far more than funding for a student getting a job is accreditation. Accreditation can be national or regional.

What are the educational requirements to become a school principal?

Most principals are required to have a bachelors degree in education, due to the fact that teaching experience is also required. While private schools differ in their requirements, public schools also require a master's degree in education administration.

How does a generic brand differ from a private brand?

generic brands are more cheaper than private brands

Is your driveway private property?

If the driveway is on private property then in most states it is considered private property. Though laws differ still per state on this.

What is a typical day on the job as a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists work in many settings, so a typical day will differ depending on the setting. Some work in private practice, others in hospitals, schools, and prisons.

How do he seasons differ between the uae and USA?

How do he seasons differ between the uae and USa?

Fascism differ from communism because?

Fascism supports private enterprise. A+

Is Nonsuch High School the best school?

Views of schools differ, but yes, Nonsuch High School is one of the best schools.

What is the difference between legalism and Confucianism?

Legalism and Confucianism differ on philosophies. Legalism emphasizes law, or a set of codes, to rule the nation whereas Confucianism has developed into a complex and broad framework that cover ChinaÕs culture, philosophy, and politics.

How does a private company differ from a public company?

A private company differs from a public company by how it does its research. A public company can dip into public capital markets as to where private companies cannot.

What is the different between differ and different?

Differ is a verb and different is an adjective.

Are Canadian schools similar to American schools?

Yes, Canadian schools are similar to American schools. They mostly differ in the study of history and geography because they focus on Canada's history as opposed to the United States history.

Approximately how much does it cost to go to mechanics schools?

The cost of mechanics schools differ depending on what type of cars you want to work on. The average cost of mechanics schools range from $3500 to $30000 for higher end schools.

How did climate differ between Middle Paleolithic and Upper Paleolithic?

How did climate differ between Middle Paleolithic and Upper Paleolithic?

What is the difference between differ and pardon?

Differ is disagree. pardon is to excuse yourself or another.

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