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This quote emphasizes the importance of honor above personal well-being in the context of Bushido, the code of honor followed by samurai in feudal Japan. It reflects the belief that sacrificing one's life is acceptable if it upholds one's honor or duty. In Bushido, honor and integrity were prized above all else, often leading samurai to prioritize their reputation and moral code over their own physical safety.

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Q: How does the quote you may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor relate to bushido?
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What are the two central ideas of the code of bushido?

The two central ideas of the code of Bushido are loyalty and honor. Loyalty is the samurai's unwavering commitment to their lord and master, while honor emphasizes the importance of integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior in all aspects of life.

What did the samurai prize above wealth and life?

Samurai prized honor and loyalty above wealth and life. They followed a strict code of conduct called Bushido, which emphasized honor, courage, and loyalty to their master. Keeping their word, showing integrity, and protecting their honor were considered more important than material wealth or self-preservation.

How should a samurai believe he should act toward his lord?

A samurai should believe he should act with loyalty, respect, and obedience towards his lord, following the code of bushido which emphasizes honor and duty. The samurai should prioritize their lord's well-being and interests above their own.

Why is dignity used?

Dignity is used to promote respect, honor, and integrity for oneself and others. It helps maintain self-worth, preserve autonomy, and uphold human rights in various interactions and relationships.

Why do samurai have to serve their master?

Samurai were expected to serve their master as a form of loyalty and duty known as "bushido." This code of honor and ethics was deeply ingrained in samurai culture and emphasized the importance of serving one's lord with unwavering loyalty and obedience. Failing to do so would bring dishonor and shame to both the samurai and their family.

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Samurai code of honor?

the code of honor is BUSHIDO

What is the samurai honor code?


Samurai code of conduct?

The samurai existed by their honor code known as the Bushido. Its literal meaning is 'The way of the warrior'.

What name was given to the samuri code of honor?


What name was given to the samurai code of honor?

Bushido is the name of the code of honor of samurai. : )

What are values a samurai must have?

They must follow Bushido which is the samurai code of honor.

What English word has a similar meaning to the Japanese word Bushido?

Honor Code

Code that knights of japan lived their lives by?

" Bushido" which is their code of honor, it was the religion of the samurai.

What are the elements of Japanese bushido?

Morality, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty

What were the samurai code of behavior?

bushido is the samurai code of honor that they must follow. they must be loyal to their lord

What did the samurai's code of Bushido tell a samurai to do?

It told them about the way they were supposed to behave. They were supposed to behave with honor and show respect to their lords and to their emperor. They had to kill themselves if they failed their superiors or if they didn't follow the bushido.

Who were the Samurai like in feudal Europe?

they were like knights. code of honor: Chivalry. code of hone for samurai: Bushido.