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Basically you have a core with 2-3 small arms (called pawls) attached to it tangentially, and then an outer ring with a saw-tooth pattern on the inside.

The pawls slip over the teeth when the wheel is spun one way, causing the clicking.

But spun the other way the teeth will engage the pawls and provide drive.

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Q: How does the rear wheel rachet of bicycle look?
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What is the cassette of bicycle?

The gears on the rear wheel are called a cassette

What is the name for the bicycle with a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel?

A Penny Farthing

When you padle a bicycle why the applied force of front wheel and rear wheel are opposite in direction?

Because the rear wheel is doing the pushing and the front wheel is being pushed.

What is the cost of replacing a spoke on a rear bicycle wheel?

$2.50 G

How do the number of gear teeth affect the wheel on a bicycle?

The more teeth you have on the chainring(by the pedals) when compared to the sprocket(on the rear wheel, the more the rear wheel will turn for each turn of the cranks.

Where is the casset on your bicycle?

on the rear wheel, at the hub. it's the bit that the chain runs over.

Who Penny farthing how does it work?

A penny farthing is a bicycle in England from many years ago. It is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel that was popular until the development of the safety bicycle, in the 1880s.

Why does the rear wheel of a bicycle turn faster than the pedals?

because of the gear ratio and the chain

Are bicycle gears a pulley?

lever at crank, connected by chain to lever at rear wheel

Why did Kirkpatrik MacMillan invent the bicycle?

Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented a type of bicycle but not the first bicycle. He is credited with the invention of the rear wheel drive bicycle.yes he did then it got copied and sold he did not want to sell it anyway hope this helps =]

How is the front wheel on a bicycle different from the rear wheel?

The rear wheel has a different hub; the gears attach to it. Alternatively the rear hub has gears or a brake or a dynamo built into it. The front hub will sometimes have a dynamo built into it, other than that it is just a plain hub.

What is kirkPatrick Macmillan known for?

He invented one kind of rear-Wheel drive bicycle with a treadle drive.