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Q: How does the red fox harm giant pandas?
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What are pandas species?

red pandas and giant pandas

Is there a difference between pandas and giant pandas?

Yes, there is. A Giant Panda is larger than the Red Panda, which a small fox-like animal of a completely different species.

Do red pandas live with the giant pandas?

No Red Pandas live in North America and Giant Pandas live in Japan or China

What are the kinds of pandas?

There are giant pandas and then the unrelated red pandas.

How are giant pandas and red pandas different?

Giant pandas are closer to the bear family, while the red pandas are closer to the raccoon family.

What types of pandas what are endangered?

Giant pandas and Red pandas.

What two kinds of pandas are there?

There are Giant Pandas and Red Pandas.

Why are red pandas related to giant pandas?

They are both Pandas

What pandas are in danger?

For all i know are Giant Pandas and Red Pandas.

Pandas or red pandas - which one weighs more?

Giant Pandas.

Are pandas related to bears?

Giant Pandas are bears. Red pandas are not related to Giant Pandas although they are related to raccoons.

Why red pandas are called the fire fox?

red pandas are called the fire fox because they are originally fox's and because the colour is a fire red that is why

What are the different colors of the panda?

Giant Pandas: black and white Red Pandas: red and black When giant pandas are cubs: pink/white

How are red panda and giant panda alike?

red pandas and giant pandas are alike because they doth are mammals

What are some panda species?

red pandas and giant pandas

What does the pygmy giant panda eat?

There is no such animal as a pygmy giant panda. There are giant pandas and there are red pandas. Both are called pandas but they are not related.

What are the red pandas predators?


What is a red pandas favourite food?

Like giant pandas, red pandas primarily eat bamboo.

How are pandas and red pandas alike?

The Red panda has similar DNA to the Giant Panda.

Are giant pandas related to red pandas?

Red Pandas are closely related to raccoons while Giant Pandas are true bears. Both are mammals and belong to the same order of mammals.

Do red pandas and Giant pandas live together?

i believe they dont

Do giant pandas eat red pandas?

No, their habitats do not over lap.

Are pandas they in Endangered?

Yes, both the giant and red pandas are endangered.

How does the giant panda effect the red panda?

Giant pandas and red pandas get along with each other. Both types of pandas compete for bamboo, which they like to eat.

Which is more endangered the giant panda or t he red panda?

the red panda is more endangered that is why you dont hear about it much red pandas are not found at most zoos like most giant pandas and if you go to china you might see plenty giant pandas but not as many red pandas red pandas are related to raccoons too!