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Do you maybe mean an 'iron core?' If so, an iron core strenghthens the magnetic field significantly. *If the coils are wound closer together the fluxlines are more dense and increase the strength of the field slightly (an iron core strengthens the field by allowing the magnetic field to propagate inside it better than air).

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Q: How does the section of iron coil influence the magnetic field?
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What is coil linearity?

A variable linearity coil has a coil which is wound around a magnetic core, a permanent magnet for charging a bias magnetic field to the magnetic core, and a magnetic field adjusting coil for adjusting the bias magnetic field. The coil and the magnetic field adjusting coil are respectively disposed horizontally such that an axial line of each of the coils lies perpendicular to lead terminals to which terminal ends of each of the coils are connected. The coil, the magnetic field adjusting coil, and the permanent magnet may be contained in a casing and the terminal ends of each of the coil and the magnetic field adjusting coil are connected to lead terminals which are embedded into the casing

How current can be induced in a coil?

In 3 ways: By moving the coil in a magnetic field, by moving a magnetic field relative to the coil, or by supplying alternating current in a one coil and placing a second coil in the first's magnetic field. The first is the principle of the dynamo and the third the principle of the transformer.

What is the direction of magnetic field at the center of the coil?

the direction of magnetic field is straight at the centre of field line.

What happens when a coil of wire cuts through a magnetic field?

If the magnetic field is fluctuating, or the coil of wire and magnetic field are moving with respect to each other, then a current is induced in the coil of wire. If the two are stationary and the magnetic field is stable, then no current is induced in the coil. However, if there is a current in the coil, from another source, then the coil and the field will exhibit a relative force that will tend to move the coil with respect to the field.

How does a magnet and voice coil work in a loudspeaker?

The coil has electricity applied to it by the amplifier. This makes it an electromagnet. It reacts with the static magnetic field of the magnet and moves the attached cone as the current varies.The magnet provides the constant magnetic field in which the varying magnetic field of the coil add to or subtracts from. The coil is connected to the speaker which varies according to the total magnetic field.

What happens when a coil wire is moved across the lines of a magnetic field?

When coil is moved in a magnetic field in such a way that the magnetic flux linked with the coil gets changed then an emf i.e. electromotive force is induced in beween the ends of the coil

How can a change in voltage in a coil of wire be transferred to a neighboring coil of wire without physical contact?

When electric current flows through a coil of wire it generates a magnetic field. Variable current generates variable magnetic field. When a second coil is placed in a variable magnetic field of the first one an electric current is generated in it. Magnetic nature of the connection between two coils can be proved by the fact that it takes place only when the second coil is aligned with the magnetic field of the first one. Magnetic field of a coil can be traced with a compass.

How does a magnetic field affect a current carrying wire?

the magnetic fields around each coil of wire add together to form a stronger magnetic field inside the coil :)

What is electro magnet induction?

When current travels through a conductor a magnetic field is generated around the conductor. If the current is AC the magnetic field will expand and collapse. If you wind the conductor into a coil the magnetic field will be stronger. Place a second coil close to the first, so that the magnetic field will expand and collapse across the second coil; a voltage 180 degrees out of phase with the source voltage will be induced into the second coil. If the current is DC the magnetic field will be constant and the second coil will have to be spun through the magnetic field to induce the voltage.

Why there is an induce current in a coil when a coil is compressed in a magnetic field?

compressing a coil in a magnetic field means that there is a relative movement of the the said coil existing in a magnetic field, hence current will be induced. induction law.Another Answer'Current' is not induced into a coil. It's voltagethat's induced; if the coil forms a closed loop, then current will flow; if there is no closed loop, then no current will flow.The induced voltage results from either a change in current through the coil, or from the relative movement between the coil and an external magnetic field.

What is the principle of a generator?

The scientific principle on which generators operate was discovered almost simultaneously in about 1831 by the English chemist and physicist, Michael Faraday, and the American physicist, Joseph Henry. Imagine that a coil of wire is placed within a magnetic field, with the ends of the coil attached to some electrical device, such as a galvanometer. If the coil is rotated within the magnetic field, the galvanometer shows that a current has been induced within the coil. The magnitude of the induced current depends on three factors: the strength of the magnetic field, the length of the coil, and the speed with which the coil moves within the field.In fact, it makes no difference as to whether the coil rotates within the magnetic field or the magnetic field is caused to rotate around the coil. The important factor is that the wire and the magnetic field are in motion in relation to each other. In general, most DC generators have a stationary magnetic field and a rotating coil, while most AC generators have a stationary coil and a rotating magnetic field.

What is the purpose of the coil in a speaker?

The coil produces a magnetic field. When power is applied to the wire in the coil, the result is a magnetic charge. This magnetic charge is part of how the speaker produces sound.

Can a silver coil make a magnetic field?

It is the flow of ELECTRICITY that makes the field in a coil. Therefore a coil of any conductor will make a field. Silver is a conductor.

Why if the same current flows in a wire coil and a single wire loop the magnetic field inside the coil is stronger than the field inside the loop?

why, if the same current flows in a wire coil and a single loop, the magnetic field inside the coil stronger than the field inside the loop

Once a current flows through the coil does it become a magnet?

ANY flowing current is surrounded by a magnetic field. The coil simply makes the magnetic field stronger.

How to generate a voltage in a coil?

By moving it through a magnetic field, and/or by causing a moving or changing magnetic field to interact with it.

What is a coil of wire that when carrying a electric current produces a magnetic field?

No field

Can magnetic fields produce electric currents?

Motion of a coil within a magnetic field will induce a current in the coil if it can complete a circuit.

Why the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet be reduced in decrease the number of loops in the coil?

Each coil contributes to the magnetic field, and the contributions of the individual loops all add up.

How do you calculate the magnetic field strength in a coil?

Magnetic field strength in a coil can be measured from the equation :-F=I*B*L Where, f=magnitude of Lorentz Force I=Current Flowing Through the Coil L=Length of the wire THE UNIT MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH IS 'TESLA' or Weber per metre sq.

Is current inversely proportional to magnetic field?

No, Current is directly proportional to the magnetic field produced. More current will produce stronger magnetic field. And Stronger magnetic field will produce more current through the coil.

A loop of wire is placed in a uniform magnetic field.In which orientation of the loop is the magnetic flux linked with it maximum?

1. The orientation giving the maximum magnetic flux would be 90 degrees or perpendicular to the magnetic field because that gives the maximum amount of magnetic field lines able to pass through the area of the coil. The greater density of field lines gives a greater magnetic field. The orientation that would give a magnetic flux of zero is the plane of the coil to be parallel to the magnetic field, making no lines pass through the coil and thus no flux.

Is it true that electrical energy is converted to magnetic field energy in the secondary coil and magnetic field energy converted to electrical energy at the primary coil?

yes it is the primary coil being somthing such as a tubine, and the secondary the generator

What is an electrical circuit that produces a magnetic field?

All electrical circuits produce a magnetic field around the wires when a current is travelling. If we want to generate a large field, we can coil the wire. Such a coil is called a solenoid.

The magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil will be greater if the coil encloses a?

If the coil encloses an iron rod, then the magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil will be increased. This occurs because the air path in the coil is made shorter by putting in the rod. This in turn causes an increase in the field.