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The Na+ will have a larger size (atomic radius) while Mg2+ will have relatively smaller size. Both elements have lost their valence (outermost) electrons and achieve a stable octet state as ions. what makes a difference is the effective nuclear charge. because Mg has a higher nuclear charge, the valence electrons are pulled more towards the nucleus thereby reducing the atomic radius.

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Infer Magnesium and sodium atoms are about the same size How does the size of a magnesium ion with a 2 charge compare with that of a sodium ion with a single charge?

The sodium ion will be larger. Because magnesium has one more proton than sodium, its nuclei pull harder on the electrons, reducing the ion's radius. This means that the magnesium ion is smaller.

How does the size of a magnesium ion with a 2 positive charge compare with that of a sodium ion with a single positive charge?

A magnesium ion will be smaller because there will be a greater Zeff on the electrons in the magnesium ion due to a greater number of protons in the nucleus.

Compare the reactions with water of the elements sodium and magnesium?

Compare the reactions with water of the elements sodium and magnesium

What charge will a Sodium atom have if it loses one electron?

The Sodium atom with be positively charged [it will have a single positive charge]

What Electrolytes are postivie?

Electrolytes with a positive charge include sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium

Why does sodium form a 1 plus ion and magnesium 2 plus ion?

This is due to the difference between the two elements regarding their valence electrons as neutral elements. Sodium has a single electron in its valence shell, which it gives up to have a stable octet; by giving up one electron, sodium acquires a 1+ charge. Magnesium has two electrons in its valence shell that it will give up to have a stable octet; by giving up two electrons, magnesium acquires a 2+ charge.

Why is sodium a different element with different properties than magnesium?

Sodium has a charge of +1 in its ionized form while magnesium has a charge of +2 in its ionized form. This is due to the number of protons and electrons in each element. Having a different charge alters the types of reactions and products involved with that element.

Oxygen fluorine sodium magnesium aluminium and neon which one is a single atom?


What is magnesium chloride and sodium chloride?

Magnesium chloride(MgCl2 ) is a salt of magnesium. Sodium chloride(NaCl) is a salt of sodium.

Why the melting point of magnesium oxide is much higher than sodium chloride?

The sodium ion has a 1+ charge and the chloride ion has a 1- charge. By comparison the magnesium ion has a 2+ charge and the oxide ion a 2- charge. Because the charge difference is greater in magnesium oxide, the forces of attraction between the ions are greater. This makes the ions harder to move from their positions which is what happens when a substance melts. Additionally, the magnesium ion is smaller than the sodium ion and the oxide ion smaller than the chloride ion. This increases the density of the charges and makes forces of attraction even stronger.

A list of salts?

A salt is a ionic compound that is composed of a cation (positively-charge ion) and an anion (negatively-charged ion). Examples are sodium chloride, magnesium sulphate, calcium chloride, sodium hyochlorite, sodium nitrate, mercury sulphide, sodium chromate and magnesium dioxide.

What is made by reacting magnesium and sodium carbonate?

Mixture of sodium carbonate and magnesium

Which is more reactive sodium or magnesium?

Sodium is more reactive than magnesium.

What is the sodium phosphate formula?

Sodium has a single positive charge (+), whilst phosphate ions have a 3- charge. To balance out the charges, three sodium ions are needed, so the formula will be Na3PO4.

Why sodium and magnesium form positive ions?

Sodium and magnesium form positive ions because they lose electrons in order to have a filled valence shell, like a noble gas. A sodium atom loses one electron so that its ion has a 1+ charge and the noble gas configuration of neon. A magnesium atom loses two electrons so that its ion has a charge of 2+ and the noble gas configuration of neon.

What is a group of atoms that acts as a single atom?

Atoms bond with each other to form a molecule. When a molecule has an overall charge, they can act as a single unit to bond with another ion. Examples are sodium 'carbonate' and magnesium 'sulfate'.

What is the net charge ions in Sodium?

A crystal of salt consists of electrons and positive ions. How does the net charge of the electrons compare with the net charge of the ions

What is the reaction equation for magnesium chloride an sodium carbonate?

MgCI+ NaC ------> MgC + NaCI Magnesium chloride + Sodium carbinate ------> Magnesium carbonate + Sodium chloride.

Why does magnesium metal melt at higher temperature than sodium metal?

Due to one unit more nuclear charge and two binding electrons for Magnesium atom.

What happens when sodium chloride and magnesium react?

nothing because magnesium is not as reactive as sodium

Magnesium sulphate plus sodium carbonate equals?

Magnesium carbonate and sodium sulphate.

Are sodium and magnesium in the same group?

Sodium: Group 1 Magnesium: Group 2

Is sodium more reactive than magnesium?

sodium is more reactive than magnesium!

What is the reaction between sodium chloride and magnesium?

Magnesium doesn't react with sodium chloride.

Can sodium hydroxide react with magnesium?

Magnesium will reduce sodium hydroxide to sodium 2Mg + 2NaOH --> 2MgO + 2Na + H2