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the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

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Yes. There is an ideal size for a paper airplane. As the size increases or decreases from this, the maximum distance travelled will decrease

It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

Size may cause the performance aspects of the airplane to vary. Also, to maintain the necessary weight/rigidity characteristics, there are limits to size for pure paper airplanes.

the regular 8x11 inch paper (A4) is an good size to make many airplanes

the type of paper being used the person throwing the paper airplaine the size the paper has been cut to if it has been cut

The material of a paper airplane matters. If it is too flimsy, the plane will not be able to keep its shape and will become just another piece of paper thrown in the air. If it is too heavy for its size, it will just fall down and not fly.

Because the larger/longer the wings are the more lift it recives. And the more lift it recives, the further it goes. I'm an airbus a330 pilot for lufthansa.

the longer a paper air plane gets up until 13in the further it flys.

A little bit less than a train made out of paper, but way more than a boat made out of paper. Of course, the size of the airplane wasn't stated in the question. If it was a really, really BIG paper airplane, it could weigh more than a teeny-tiny paper train. Although, if it was a tiny paper airplane it could weigh less than a HUGE paper boat. I'm pretty sure it would also depend on what kind of paper you use. A construction paper airplane would definitely weigh more than a tissue paper airplane. But one of those airplanes made out of copier paper would weigh about average. I wouldn't reccommend a toilet paper airplane. It would also depend on what kind of plane you were making out of paper. A 747 made out of tar paper is going to completely outweigh a Cessna made out of freezer paper. All in all, I would have to say a medium sized airplane made out of a mid-gauge paper would weigh in at around 3,982 kilograms.

the bigger it is the slower it goes

it depends on the size of the airplane or the size of the monkeys ;)

Currently its about fuselage shape size and engine capability. The drag effect on a war fighter is more likely to be less than that of a bomber / large a380 for instance thus they move faster

It all depends on the type and size of airplane.

Depends on the airplane size and engines used.

this project will not work for a science fair project i tried

They are supposed to be of average size.

I was in an airplane last week, and the washroom was the size of a broom closet.

For flat paper items, postage goes by weight, not by size.

Yes. A larger airplane may add weight or increase the surface area of the wings or other areas, affecting the amount of lift required, the amount of lift needed, or the amount of drag produced, respectively.

A5 paper is: 148 × 210 mm 14.8 cm by 21.0 cm 5.83" X 8.27" (notepad size). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a piece of A4 paper (the size that goes into a normal computer printer) and fold this in half so that the two shortest edges are together. The folded piece of paper is A5 in size. Yes half of A4 is A5 but the photocopy or printer paper used in USA & Canada is not A4 size but 8.5x11".

it means the size of paper that you are using

You can not change a paper size to landscape, landscape is an orientation, not a size.

Yes, website below compares the range of similarly sized aircraft. Performance - Bombardier Learjet 40XR - Super Light Jets

A4 paper size is 8.3in × 11.7in.

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