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the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

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2011-10-17 20:37:38
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Q: How does the size of the paper airplane effect how far it goes?
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Does changing the size of a paper airplane effect how far it will fly?

Yes. There is an ideal size for a paper airplane. As the size increases or decreases from this, the maximum distance travelled will decrease

Does mass affect how far a paper airplane can fly?

It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

Why does the size of a paper airplane affect flight?


Does the size matter of the paper airplane?

Size may cause the performance aspects of the airplane to vary. Also, to maintain the necessary weight/rigidity characteristics, there are limits to size for pure paper airplanes.

What is the size of the biggest paper airplane?

it is 5000 feet long

What size of paper airplane flies the farthest?

the bigger sized

Does the size of a paper airplane affect the distance?

i dont know answer

Does the size of wings on a paper airplane change how far it flies?

yes it does

How long does your paper have to be to make a paper airplane?

the regular 8x11 inch paper (A4) is an good size to make many airplanes

Does weight and size effect paper airplanes?

it is a glider

What is a constant and a variable in a paper airplane experiment?

the type of paper being used the person throwing the paper airplaine the size the paper has been cut to if it has been cut

Does the material of a paper airplane matter?

The material of a paper airplane matters. If it is too flimsy, the plane will not be able to keep its shape and will become just another piece of paper thrown in the air. If it is too heavy for its size, it will just fall down and not fly.

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