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It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

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Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

A paper airplane is affected by gravity, in proportion to its mass. The paper airplane will only stay aloft as long as the lift (upward force) is greater than or equal to the force of gravity (downward), plus the time it takes to fall to the ground. Thus, for the same amount of lift, a lighter airplane will fly farther.

the lighter the paper the easier the lift.Heavey paper will drop quicker.

It depends on how the paper how it is made . But in general yes it does

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

well some paper can be more heavy than other paper so yes

The range of a paper airplane varies by model.

Farther than any other paper airplane that i know of

Generally and theoretically speaking, it all depends on Gravity, since the weight (not the mass) of an object determines how fast it will fall. Thus it is general knowledge to say that the heavier the weight of the paper, the shorter the flight path. The lighter the weight of the paper, the longer the airplane will stay in the air. Of course, this also is highly dependent on the aerodynamic integrity of the paper airplane itself and how it is shaped and made to fly. A poorly built or folded paper airplane has a far shorter flight-path or no flight-path than one that is well built and/or folded, regardless of the weight of paper being used.

The average range of the Dragonfly paper airplane is listed as 25+ feet.

That would be a function of the glide ratio of the paper airplane in question.

kind can go as far as 6 meter sticks

Yes. There is an ideal size for a paper airplane. As the size increases or decreases from this, the maximum distance travelled will decrease

In the right conditions, yes.

u need to fold it equally

It shifts the center of gravity forward. If the paper airplane originally had the center of gravity too far back, causing it to nose up and stall a paperclip or two can correct this and produce stable flight. If the paper airplane originally had the center of gravity correctly positioned or was too far forward the paperclip will cause it to nose down and crash.

the paper airplane has to have a piece of tape at the end, in the middle,and in the front put like a pebble or a small toy to increase it's speed.

The paperclip adds weight to the nose helping to keep the reduce drag by keeping the nose in the air first .

yes it does it affects how far, how fast, and how high it will fly.

fold it like crazy then chuck it

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

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