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Does the type of paper affect how far an airplane flies?


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well some paper can be more heavy than other paper so yes


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The effect of a hole on a paper airplane would depend on the type of paper airplane the hole is on, and where it is on the aircraft.

A lined paper airplane flies the farthest. It flies the farthest because it weighs less than any other type of paper. For example, it weighs less than an airplane made of construction paper and it weighs less than an airplane made of copy paper.

the lighter the paper the easier the lift.Heavey paper will drop quicker.

if it weighs less it will fly farther

Well, It depends on the density of the paper, the wings, the hull, the design, the aerodynamics, and the lift it creates. One easy one is just to make the basic paper airplane, and experiment from there. But here are three good designs: The dragon, The champ, and nick's plane.

it could affect it because depending on the wing span, if they are wider then usual to catch more air.

Wax paper works good for strong, high-flying planes.

Generally, it is optimal to make a paper airplane symmetrical. I am not sure I understand what you mean by type of symmetry. However, some paper airplanes can be designed to be asymmetric and remain straight flying.

its the eagle heres how yau do it........ go on google and type ''what is the fastest paper airplane'' then click on the first thing you see and follow the steps and this is what you get image not found

Well, if you want a certain TYPE of paper airplanes, and how many are there of that type, ask that. There is no real answer. A paper airplane is probably being made right now!

the type of paper being used the person throwing the paper airplaine the size the paper has been cut to if it has been cut

Yes because if you use heavy paper to make your plane it won't fly well. It is always best to use light paper.

The wing that has a longer wing cause it could fly longer.

That depends on the type of the airplane.

A good paper airplane should be well-balanced and have a wingspan appropriate to its type (stunt, glider, or dart). For more information, go to .

It has chemical energy which can be released when it is burned. It may have gravitational potential energy if it is in a position where it can fall. It will also have kinetic energy if in motion such as a paper airplane.

Paper has a big affect on people. It is used in every type of writing that is done. Additionally, people need to recycle paper so it does not rot away in landfills when it could be used again.

depends on what type of paper airplane you are trying to make. wide winged are better with hard paper like printing paper and narrow ones doesn't matter. (just my personal experience not so trust worthy)

the burning rate of paper actually depends on the type of paper because they all have different densitys which will affect the burning rate of each type conclusion there are different burning rates.

It all depends on the type and size of airplane.

the length of an airplane depends on the type of an airplane. So we cant reallyanswer your question

The space shuttle Is a type of rocket that lands like an airplane.

These are the instructions to make a type of paper airplane:Fold the paper in halfOpen the paperWhere the line is in the middle get 1 corner and put it there and do the same in the otherAfter it looks like a house make it into a halfAfter it looks like a bird get 1 wing and fold it and do the same to the other

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