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in a nutshell, the earlier space missions were to break the barrier of what we didnt know about space in general. sputnik, Apollo, Gemini, etc. they were all the 'first to be' if you will. space walks, landing on the moon, proving the u.s. could be the Russians to the moon, etc. nowadays, its more of branching off to what we already know. but, mainly to put satellites in orbit, getting better pictures of dopplar radar, mars, clusters, further images of space, hence the hubble. but again, the difference of today as opposed to then is less "pushing the envelope" and more of enhancing and branching off into tangets of what we already pushed prior!

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What nations have their own space shuttle program?

The United States had a 30 year old Space Shuttle Program with 135 mission. Russia built their own Space Shuttle called the Buran to compete with the US, but the program only had 1 mission before being cancelled.

What was the main mission of the space shuttle program?

The main mission of the space shuttle program was to provide transportation for both astronauts and supplies, to and from the international space station. There were several other missions as well.

When was the space shuttle used?

The Space Shuttle Program was started in 1986, and is projected to have its last mission in November of 2010.

How many space shuttle mission have there been?

135 spanning from April 1981 to July 2011 when the Shuttle Program was retired.

What was the significant about the us space shuttle mission in July and what was the name of the spacecraft?

It was the 135th and final launch of the Space Shuttle Program. The program lasted 30 years. The spacecraft that launched was Space Shuttle Atlantis.

What is the next of the shuttle that is flying in the next mission?

The next shuttle to launch is Discovery, flying mission STS-133. The final missions scheduled for the space shuttle program are: - Endeavor on STS-134, slated for launch 27 February 2011 - Atlantis on STS-135, slated for launch no earlier than 28 June 2011, but funding is pending the passage of an appropriations bill.

Which space shuttle did neil Armstrong land on?

Neil Armstrong never served on a space shuttle mission. He was part of the Apollo Program

What was the Challenger's mission?

Challenger had many missions, including the first spacewalk of the shuttle program and various satellite deployments.

What is the last space shuttle mission called?

The last space shuttle mission was STS-135

When did the last shuttle mission fly?

The space shuttle Atlantis launch July 8, 2011 and landed July 21, 2011 on mission STS-135, the last of the space shuttle program. Following that mission Atlantis was prepared for display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex not far from the pads where she had been launched on 33 missions.

When did Space Shuttle program end?

Space Shuttle program ended in 2011.

When was Space Shuttle program created?

Space Shuttle program was created in 1981.

What was the name of the last Space Shuttle Mission?

Atlantis was the last space shuttle, But the mission was STS-135

When is the last shuttle mission?

The last planned shuttle mission is due July 8, 2011 with Atlantis

Have NASA launched an emergency shuttle mission July 2010?

No. The next shuttle mission - which will be the next-to-last shuttle launch - is scheduled for October, 2010.

Which shuttle will fly the last mission?

Space Shuttle Discovery.

What is the future of Apollo missions?

After Apollo 17 there have not been any plans for any moon mission. It was the Skylab and the Shuttle program.

What was the mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia?

During its final mission, the space shuttle Columbia was on a scientific research mission. One topic of study was microgravity.

Who is the only woman to command space shuttle mission?

Eileen Collins commanded the STS-114 'Return To Flight' mission in 1999 and was the first female commander of a shuttle mission. This mission was the first to fly after the tragic loss of the shuttle 'Columbia' and its crew.

What change has happened in the space shuttle program this year?

None. The Space Shuttle Program is over.

What were NASA's projects during 2005-2006?

getting the shuttle back into orbit, and planning for the Orion program.

When did the shuttle program begins?

The space shuttle program started in the late 1960s. Another Answer: The space shuttle program began in 1981. Before that, all payloads were delivered via rockets.

Where is the NASA space shuttle program located?

NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration's) Space Shuttle Program (SSP) has been retired following the end of the last space shuttle mission, STS-135 (Space Transportation System 135), which landed in the pre-dawn darkness hours of Thursday, July 21, 2011 (coincidentally, the day after the 42nd anniversary of the first Moon landing) at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) (runway) at the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. All ten NASA centers played some kind of a role and provided support for every space shuttle mission and for the operations of the Space Shuttle Program as a whole, however the Space Shuttle Program office was located at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Space Center (JSC) at Houston, TX.

What is the mission number of the last space shuttle mission?


When is space shuttle Atlantis due to fly its last mission?

June 28, 2011. It will also be the last ever space shuttle mission.

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