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The uterus does not come out. However, the placenta does (following the same path the baby did).


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No babies come from the Uterus, the uterus holds the baby and swells- so it looks like the stomach is getting bigger but actually it is the uterus.

The uterus then the baby comes out through the vagina.

The baby is enclosed inside the uterus, that is where it gets it nourishment and where the egg attaches to! No uterus... NO BABY.

The uterus is where the baby grows in the uterus

A giraffe is a mammal just as humans are and they carry their unborn in a uterus just as humans do. When it is time to birth the baby, it will come out of the vagina.

The uterus is where the baby developed in the womb of the mother.. The baby stays in the uterus 9 months.. =)

The uterus will expand until the baby is born!!!

When the egg don't get fertilized it will come out and since it will not attach in the uterus, the lining of the uterus will change and that is when you bleed. When you are pregnant there are no eggs dropped and the uterus is closed for the baby to be safe.

Uterus or womb-its were the baby develops until labor.

When a baby is ready to be born, the mommy starts to feel labor contractions. The uterus squeezes and pushes the baby out of the uterus and into the world.

can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy

the uterus can hold an unborn baby because it is like a band that you can stretch

A uterus is the sac a baby grows in, in its mother's stomach. So a unicorn uterus would be the sac a baby unicorn grows in, in its mother's stomach.

when a skinny girl has a fat baby and when it comes out, the baby stretches out the uterus, and makes it "floppy"

The baby grows in the uterus.

NO as the uterus which is removed is where the baby grows

The uterus is the womb, the part of the body the baby grows inside. Without a uterus, there is nowhere for the baby to grow.

No, Its either in the stomach or in a uterus. Uterus can simply be described to a child as a special organ in a mother's body to house the baby until it's born.

The uterus plays a major role in the birth of a baby. This is a sentence which contains the word uterus.

Baby marsupials develop first in their mother's uterus. Inside the uterus is a yolk sac through which nutrients are given to the baby and through which wastes are released from the baby. After a few weeks (a much shorter gestation period than that of placental mammals), the baby has become more developed and is delivered.

Not the baby in the fallopian tube but you can have another baby. The baby can't come down to the uterus and keep growing and if it stays in the tube the tube will burst and you can die.

Your uterus is getting an environment ready for a baby.

The uterus contracts to help expell the baby. The cervix also dilates (opens) for the baby to pass through.

The baby develops in the uterus or womb.

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