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The system is composed of canals connecting numerous tube feet. Echinoderms move by alternately contracting muscles that force water into the tube feet, causing them to extend and push against the ground, then relaxing to allow the feet to retract.

Water enters madreporite and flows through the stone canal and then enters the circular ring canal. Water then is separated into five radial canals that branch into double rows of bulblike structures called ampullae, which are on each side of the ambulacral ridge. The ampullae are connected to suckerlike podia, the entire structure is called a tube foot. Contraction of the ampullae causes the podia to stretch as water is brought into them. This whole process allows for movement, and is quite powerful but extremely slow.

"Madreporite" is another way to say "Sieve Plate"

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Interconnected canals and hollow tube feet work together in sea star's what?

Water-vascular system.

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blood pumps in the vascular system which causes fat to burn away

Explain why vascular plants are more likely to survive in a dry environment than nonvascular plants?

Vascular plants have conducting, also referred to as vascular or liquefied, tissues which transport water, minerals, and photosynthetic materials throughout the plant's roots, stems, and leaves. They differ from nonvascular plants, which do not have conducting tissues, and require water for fertilization. Other names for vascular plants include tracheophytes and higher plants. They make up the majority of plants found on the earth today, with the exception of mosses and liverworts. Vascular plants have three different systems present in their bodies which work together to maintain the life of the plant. These include the root system, shoot system, and vascular system. The root system consists of the roots, which anchor the plant in the ground and absorb moisture and food from the soil. The shoot system consists of the stems and leaves, which specialize in photosynthesis. The vascular system circulates water and minerals to the leaves, and the photosynthetic material from the leaves to the rest of the plant. The plant vascular system is made up of two networks of tubes, known as the xylem and phloem, which are the water and food conducting systems. These are not present in nonvascular plants, which is the major difference between the two. The xylem transports water up from the roots and circulates it to all the other sections of the plant's body. The phloem transports food, nutrients, and photosynthetic material throughout the plant to keep it healthy and growing

What is a xylem in a plant and how does it work?

Xylem is a part of vascular bundle and its function is conduction of water and minerals in the plant.

What do vascular plants have that work together to transport water food and waste to all parts of the plant?


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The heart, arteries, and veins, and the humble capillaries too, form the cardio-vascular system.

Which tissue in the cardiovascular system work together to pump blood?

The heart is the pump of the cardio vascular system, and the arteries and the veins help to circulate the blood around the body

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Water filtration system can remove contaminants from the water. They also work to remove unwanted minerals from the water and improve clarity.

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i hope so

How does both the digestive system and the urinary system work to conserve water in the human body?

The digestive system and the urinary system both shut off their flushing of water when your body is dehydrated and needs the water to remain in your body.

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Most irrigation pumps work on a centrifugal system that allows force to move water through the system. The result is an automatic watering system.

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If you have hot water heat or steam heat, it will still work. Gas or electric heat has nothing to do with the water system.

How does a starfish's respiratory system work?

Gas exchange in sea stars (starfish) occurs over their surface: they have neither gills nor lungs. Folds of skin on their dorsal surface permit gas exchange, as do the tube feet on their ventral surface. Also, they have a water-based vascular system, which also performs gas exchange.

Muscles that work without thinking about it?

Voluntary muscle movements are the result of conscious effort by the brain. Involuntary muscles such as the heart or smooth muscles in the gut and vascular system contract as a result of non-conscious brain activity or stimuli proceeding in the body to the muscle itself.Your answer: The heart and smooth muscles in the gut and vascular system (lungs) are muscles that work "without thinking about it" -- we call these "involuntary" muscles.

How do weight loss pills work?

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Why can't moss grow to be as tall as plants that have vascular tissue?

In simplest terms, mosses cannot grow tall because they do not have tubes to carry the water upwards. They rely on a process called diffusion to spread the water. Mosses and a few other plants are called "nonvascular" plants, meaning that they do not have a vascular system. in plants, the vascular system is like the circulatory system in humans. The two parts, the Xylem and the Phloem, are like the arteries and veins that carry our blood. SInce nonvascular plants do not have this network of tubing, they must rely on a process called diffusion to get the water to the tips of it's leaves. to see diffusion at work,you will need a sponge, food coloring, a shallow dish, and water. Take a shallow pan of water and put a few drops of food coloring in it (something other than the color of the sponge). the water should just barely cover the bottom of the dish. take a new sponge, one that has not been used, and place it in the pan of water. you should see the water slowly seeping up through the sponge. this is diffusion.

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