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OK this is what happened he was in the courtroom and a guy tossed aced at his face he covered 1/2 of his face with a folder.

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Q: How does two face get half of his face burned?
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How did two face get half his face burned?

Two-Face (Harvey Dent) got half his face burned off because the Joker tied him up and strapped a bomb on him. Harvey spilled a gas can and rubbed it all over his and clothes. Batman came to save him and untied Harvey. When they got outside, Harvey's face burst into flames.

How did bat-man's two face become two face?

In the Dark Knight Batman had a chose to choose Two face or his love and he chose Two Face. He saved him from a burning building and half of his face was burned in the explosion. He also had a double sided coin with heads on both sides in the explosion one of the sides were burned so he would have 2 FACES. Then he became TWO FACE the villain because he wanted Batman to save the girl who was also his love and Batman didn't, so he flipped the coin to see who would live!!! In the comics and Batman Forever, Two-Face was burned at a trial (he was a lawyer). He was trying Sal Maroni, a crime boss. Maroni threw acid in Two-Face's face, but Two-Face covered half of his face, so only half was burned. And also, Bat-Man is Batman not Bat-Man or Bat Man

Who is the new face in two and a half men?

Ashton Kutcher is the new face in the show Two and a Half Men.

What happen to two face from batman?

He burning half face

Who is the new face appering on two and a half men?

Ashton Kutcher is the newest face appearing in the show Two in a Half Men.

Who is the new face appearing in two in a half mens?

The new face appearing in the show Two and a Half Men is Ashton Kutcher.

How did Harvey Dent become Two Face?

In the movie 'The Dark Knight' , Harvey Dent became Two-Face when his face got burned after Batman saved him from the warehouse The Joker had him tied up in .

Who is the new face in two and a half men season two?

ashton kusher

How did Kane's Face get burned?

Kane's face hasn't burned. He simply wears a mask to hide hs face and prove he is dangerous. He doesn't have scars on his face.

Does two face exist?

no but in the dark knight he was batman's enemy and tried to kill him because his face was burned by gasoline and fire when he was tied to a chair.

Why did Voldemort's face change?

he was burned to death which melted his face

What is the name of the Half Dead man in The Dark Night?

... two face...?

Who is the new face appearing on two and a half men?

Ashton Kutcher

How did Kane the wrestler get burned?

His brother The Undertaker burned their house, thinking his parents and brother died in the fire but it turned out Kane survived but burned his face. That is the storyline, in real life kane's face has never been burned

When does Harvey dent become two face in the dark knight?

Half of Harvey's face was burnt when the warehouse he was in blew up. He called himself two face because when he was at Internal Affairs, his nickname was apperantly Two Face- Harvey.

Who is the new face appearing in the new season of Two and a Half Men?

your mother

Was kanes face really burned?

no it was not it is all fake

Who burned kanes face by video?

Eric Bichoff

Who is the new face appearing in the new season two and a half men?

Ashton Kutcher

Was kanes face was really burned?

no it wasnt. it was just a storyline

Now Kennedy's face is on the half dollar?

Yes, Kennedy's face is still on the half dollar.

Why is it important to wear hats?

they can stop you getting burned on the face in summer.

Is Matt Dillon's face burned?

No, only in the movie Employee of the month.

What are these masks called that cover half of your face?

a mask that covers half your face is called a mascare mask

What happened to Face to Face?

Kane was burned by the Undertaker. The Undertaker killed his family by burning them and Kane who is known as Diesel. The Undertaker and kane are brothers well half brothers but i think what was posted before i wrote this is a big lie kane burns himself