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Its a worship of Allah (god)

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Q: How does understanding the Hajj pillar of Islam help us undertand Islam as a religion?
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How does understanding the 5th pillar of Islam the sawm help to understand the Islam religion?

Going to visit the Mecca makes you understand the story of Muhammad therefore giving you more wisdom about God.

What religon is hajj?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of the religion Islam. It is obligatory on the Muslims.

Do Americans have a good understanding of the Islamic religion?

Most of those Americans who do not themselves follow Islam have a very poor understanding of Islam.

What is a pillar Islam?

Islamic pillar are the basis of Islam.

What pillar of Islam is hajj?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam

What is the least important pillar of Islam?

Hajj {pilgrimage} is the least important pillar of islam ___________________________________________________________ No pillar of Islam is less important than another. Denying any pillar of Islam five pillars intentionally by anyone expels him/her from Islam.

What can be inferred from the word pillar in regards to the acts of worship in the five pillars of Islam?

Pillars hold up structures. In the same way, the Pillars of Islam support the entire religion and beliefs of Islam.

How did belief in Muhammad's prophethood lead to the religion of Islam?

It is the first, and most important, pillar of the five Islam pillars. Refer to related questions below for more information.

Most important ritual that Muslims have in their religion?

The most important ritual is Praying (Salat) which is the second pillar of Islam five pillars. The Muslim who denies intentionally this pillar is considered out of Islam. see related questions below for more information.

Which pillar of Islam is prayer?

"Shahadah" is the pillar of Islam, prayer

What pillar is harg in Islam?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam obligatory once in lifetime if one can afford.

Who is a leader of the Islam religion?

There are many Islamic leaders who well recognized by Muslims as Religion knowing and understanding. There is no single person as for Catholics or Orthodox.

Why is the tawhid central to an understanding of Islam?

Islams is based on tawheed and is the main pillar if you don't belive in one god how can you preform the obligatory actions in Islam such as prayer,shahada,zakat,fasting,hajj

What is the value of salah in the life of Muslims?

The Salah is a pillar of Islam. It is the heart of religion and faith. It is recognised by the Qur'an as the first and foremost duty of man.

Improved question if Islam is a religion of peace and understanding why do Muslims kill Muslims?

For the same reasons any other group, religion or tribe kill.

Why is the shahada not the most important pillar in Islam?

The premise of the question is incorrect. The Shahada IS actually the most important pillar of Islam.

Is fasting the 5th pillar of Islam?

no, fasting is the fourth pillar. The fifth pillar is hajj (or pilgrimage)

What is significant about the Islam religion?

What I, and other Muslim Brothers and Sisters in the world think that the significance of Islam is mainly the cleanness and pureness of the religion itself. Allah (SWT) created Humans, and everything living or breathing on this planet. Islam is not about killing or hurting others, it is about living to discover Islam. It is to please Allah (SWT) and helping others through Zakat (Charity, fourth pillar of Islam). We Muslims also believe that this lifetime is only a test. Allah (SWT) is watching us always and we have to please Allah (SWT). Islam: >First Pillar: Statement of Faith. "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (PBUH) is his Messenger." >Second Pillar: Prayers. Five times a day. >Third Pillar: Fasting. During the Holy Month of Ramadan. >Fourth Pillar: Charity. Sending halal money to the Muslim poor. >Fifth Pillar: Pilgrimage to Hajj. With halal money, Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to make pilgrimage to Ka'aba.

How does religion affect life in Afghanistan?

Religion in Afghanistan consists of mainly Islam. This affects life through the implementation of Muslim beliefs in day to day activities. For further, reference Islam and the Qur'an for better understanding.

How important is the second pillar of islam?

The second pillar of Islam is offering prayer five times a day. It is the most important pillar after embracing Islam and having faith in the ONENESS of Almighty Allah. It differenciates between Islam and Kufr. The first question on the Day of Judgment will be asked about prayer,

What are theFive Pillars of Islam?

one pillar for muhamad one pillar Allah one pillar for the followers and one pillar for me and the fifth pillar for yourself.

What number pillar is Zakat?

Zakat, or charity is the fourth pillar of Islam.

What is hajj in the 5 pillars of Islam?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory on all Muslims once in lifetime.

Is Muslim a religion or Islam?

Islam is a religion. Muslim is the follower of Islam religion.

Why people change their religions?

Because they find something special in the other religion or they are not satisfied with their current religion. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony, understanding and following it is the purpose of Muslims. Muslims do not change their religion. However, people convert to Islam. No they do I did and the converters i any religin isn't much at all