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The lava is so hot, that's why it melted the surface of the earth.

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Which is an example of a rapid change that occurs to the surface of the Earth?

Volcanoes and earth slides are two ways that earth's surface change quickly.

How does volcanoes change the Earth's atmosphere?

it change the earth atmosphere when magma flashes out then the earth surface will be dusty

How are earthquakes volcanoes and asteroid strikes different from weathering and erosion?

Weathering and erosion change the surface of the earth very slowly. Earthquakes, volcanoes and asteroids change the surface immediately.

Do volcanoes and earthquakes change the earth quickly or slowly?

An eruption of a volcano can change the surface of the earth very quickly and also affect slow changes in the surface. Earthquakes also change the earth quickly.

How are volcanoes related to earth?

# Volcanoes are the earth's surface.# Valcanoes are made from the earth# That is all i know

What event always takes millions of years to change the surface of the earth?

volcanoes take millions of years to occur. it changes earth's surface.

Planet known to have volcanoes on its surface?

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all planets with volcanoes.

Do volcanoes form when the earth is cold?

No. Volcanoes need earth to have a hot interior, and it is always hot. Surface temperatures will not affect if a volcano can form.

Which Terrestrial Planet has the oldest least changing surface?

According to Oklahoma Edition of McDougal Littell Science Grade 7 the Terrestrial Planet that has the oldest least changing surface is Mercury. Mars has wind that carries sand that changes its surface. Venus has volcanoes and tectonic plates that change its surface. We know that Earth has erosion, volcanoes and tectonic plates that change the surface. This leaves Mercury.

How do earthquakes and volcanoes change the earths surface?

earthquakes and volcanoes change the worl by pollution for example car pollution, Factorys etc...

Which planets have volcanoes on the surface?

Venus, Earth, and Mars are all known to have volcanoes. Volcanoes have also been seen on Io, one the the moons of Jupiter.

What is a huge hole in the earth surface?

There are many holes in the surface of the earth. Volcanoes, geysers, craters and large bodies of water are all holes in the earth's surface.

How does volcanoes change Earth's surface?

Volcanoes can change the surface of the earth in several ways. The lava that is ejected for the volcano may dry and form a new layer of sediment on the ground. The chambers of magma underground can become too pressurized and make a whole new volcanic mountain. Hope that answers your question! :D

Explain how volcanoes change the earth's surface?

by the moment of the tectonic plates

What stress causes volcanoes?

pressure building up inside of a the earth that is released by volcanoes that is connected below our earth's surface.

Where do extrusive igneous rocks form?

above the surface of the Earth it erupts out of volcanoes

What is the surface of earth like?

The surface of Earth consists of mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans, plains, fields, volcanoes, and lot's of other land masses.

What events that cause a rapid change to our earth's surface?

Volcanoes, earthquakes, and the impact of asteroids or comets, cause rapid change to the Earth's surface.

Can volcanoes erupt in the ice age?

Yes. Volcanoes are driven by forces deep inside the Earth where conditions are not affected by temperatures at the surface.

How are earth layers formed?

sedimenatary rock create layers in the surface of the earth and eruptions from volcanoes also make layers of the earth.

What causes volcanoes to explode?

The main causes of volcanoes to erupt is the movement of plate tectonics. This opens up a vent on the surface of the earth through which the magma from the crust of the earth is discharged.

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