How does volvox move?

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flagella, a taillike structure.

they undulate together to propel the colony through water

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How does the volvox move?

Well for one thanks for saying hi and for two your answer the Volvox move by flagella

How does a volvox move?

they live in colonys

How does a volvox colony work together?

Volvox do not work together in a colony only they live in the form of colony but they perform their own functions only they move collectively by using the flagella of all Volvox present in the colony.

What is the volvox structure?

volvox is the colony of chlamydomonas cell,spherical in shape.outermost cells are flagellated.All the cells move in same direction.Adjacent cells are joined hexagonally by cytoplasmic strand.

Does a volvox have cytoplasm?

Volvox doesn't have cytoplasms

The Volvox Flagella?

It is what helps moves the volvox around.

How does the Volvox get its food?

A volvox gets its food by photosynthesis.

Is volvox a multicellular organism?

Volvox is a multicellular organism

How does your body protect from Volvox?

Volvox is not a human pathogen.

Is volvox a bacteria?

Volvox is NOT made up of an bacteria

What are the differences between the euglena ameba and volvox?

An euglena has a flagellum; a volvox does not. A volvox has a gonidium; an euglena doesn't. An euglena has a stigma; a volvoxdoes not.a volvox has a lot of characteristics an euglena does not, and an euglena has a lot of characteristics a volvox does not. Unfortuneatly, I do not know the rest of the other unique characteristics that a volvox, or an euglena has that are different from each other. You must go to google to find the rest. Or bing, or ask.com.

Motility of volvox?

Volvox, Phylum Chlorophyta, is an autotoph that has no motility.

Where is the protest volvox found in?

Volvox lives in freshwater habitats.

Does volvox have mitochondria?

Volvox are eukariyotic cretures.They do have mitochondria in cells

Do volvox have cell walls?

Yes, since volvox is a plant.

What is the movement of a volvox?

Each cell in a volvox has two flagella that roll the entire volvox ball/colony through the water.

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